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2-0; Bison Roll Aggies 43-3 – Brospar Daily News

FARGO – NDSU scored in their opener and never looked back. Lock down North Carolina’s A&T offense and run away in the first half.

“Excited about the win, it was a unique game, especially when you look at the stats, no flashy numbers, but offensively we had a short field for most of the day that could work. We had a few defensive touchdowns at different times, so that’s good. I think we had a better sense of urgency at the start of the game. North Carolina A&T worked really hard, fell, threw an early ball. Again, we have to keep emphasizing that one more basket doesn’t get you beat, we’ll deal with that now. I will go back to the movie and see where we can continue to improve, but for what we can play Excited by the number of players and the number of people who have really contributed to us; redzone we went four out of four which was great, we got 7 out of 11 on the third drop. As we get closer to the conference season, there are a lot of positives we can look forward to,” said head coach Matt Entz.

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