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76ers Furkan Korkamaz Explains What Caused The Turkey Georgia Fight

Furkan Korkamaz has explained the events leading up to the incident after an altercation with three opposing players during a Euro 2022 game on Sunday. notice provided.

The 76ers forward and member of the Turkish national team was allegedly attacked by players from the Georgian national team on their way to the locker room after Georgia’s 88-83 double overtime win over Turkey. The incident was confirmed by the vice-president of the Turkish Federation, Omar Onan. A heated altercation between Kolkamaz and Georgian goalkeeper Duda Sanadze then resulted in both players being ejected late in the game.

Kolkamaz discussed the situation after the match and provided his account of the fight.

“As I walked towards the tunnel. So our conditioner was with me. As we exited the tunnel and tried to get to the locker room, I saw three Georgia players running towards us with two security guards. We started to fight.

Onan told the story in a statement to reporters

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Onan said Kolkamaz was attacked by two other “Georgian players who were not on the active roster” Sanades. According to reports, Shengelia and Goga are the Bitades currently playing for the Pacers.

Show tolerance towards your players

Korkamaz continued, “It was like a street fight. There was no talk or conversation. People came towards us and tried to attack us. Of course, we reacted and tried to defend ourselves – that’s exactly what we do as men. I also think it’s a safety issue. But I don’t know if it’s a matter of safety or if they showed tolerance with their players.

“We know they are at home. But this is unacceptable. What happens on the pitch is good, but what happens off the pitch we should talk about more.

No off-site incident security video provided

According to EuroHoops.net, Turkey’s assistant coach Hakan Demir also denounced the Georgian player after the game, telling reporters that his team “come here to play basketball, not boxing”. Turkey is also against the game. Complaints | Those 22 seconds stopped during the scrum on the pitch. Moreover, Onan has since threatened. Turkey could leave the match if the security footage of off-pitch incidents is not provided.

After announcing that it had overruled Turkey’s objection to the watch’s decision, FIBA ​​released a statement on Monday evening confirming that it had launched an investigation.

FIBA statement said. “The actions of both federations in the team area of ​​the stadium, including players and members of both teams’ delegations, are under investigation.” “Once the investigation is completed, FIBA’s governing body will decide on any applicable disciplinary action.”

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