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9/11 remembrances and services – Brospar Daily News

In the Midlands, a memorial service will be held to reflect 9/11

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — This weekend marks the anniversary of 9/11.

In the Midlands, a memorial service will be held to commemorate this tragic day and honor the many first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Midlands.

On Sunday morning, people will gather on Lincoln Street to commemorate 9/11 and pay tribute to Midlands first responders who gave their lives in the line of duty.

A new name will be added, Casey Officer Drew Barr, who died in April while answering a domestic call.

Irmo Fire Chief Mike Sonefeld wants the community to remember the monument’s granite and stone.

After 9/11 came the adage, “We will never forget,” and if you don’t act, it becomes a phrase. So if you don’t act, never forget, just say these words. It makes no sense,” Chief Sonnefield said.

Go out on Sunday, look at the name, leave a flower, be with the family and do so to remember the sacrifices made, Chief Sonnefield said. It relies on the community to proliferate. You can’t force them, you can’t force patriotism. Everyone behaves differently. In 2011 we built this. We went to a ceremony in 2010 and there were about 25 people and it was in a park which was awkward. We now have 300 to 500 people present.

The three speakers at the ceremony were first responders who entered service after learning of 9/11. Chief Sonnefield said there were still young people who knew little about this day.

“At the moment we are struggling to recruit some of the young people who are coming. The whole world is right now when it comes to first responders, we just have to try and get them back. The duration of service is very important and it is very difficult, unfortunately yes, it can be a deadly situation. But it’s the fact that we want to educate people about the importance of this work and that if they think they want to give a lot of space to a lot of people,” Chief Sonnefeld said.

For the chef, the monument is a place of reflection, a reminder of what it once was.

“There are firefighters that I personally know or see at the scene of the fire. It seems like a long time ago – but when you get here, it’s not that long.

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