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A Memphis Shooting Incident Suspect Arrested, 4 People Dead And 3 Wounded!

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A very shocking event and news is coming so a man from memory was arrested live for shooting and shooting around Memphis as four people were seriously injured and killed this time randomly The attack was followed however by police investigators who came to the scene to examine and investigate him, who was arrested while being taken to safety by a stolen car. Authorities also made the decision to lock down baseball stadiums and all university campuses and suspend bus service. Follow our website Global gossip network Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Memphis shooter arrested

People got scared because these things happened, but then they were able to arrest a suspect named Ezekiel Kelly. Speaking of prior information, so the authorities have been investigating the case, they don’t have any statement on that particular scene, because now the suspect is being talked about, so he’s 19, and now he’s here because of the attack and recordings are also from now. If we talk about the first murder, it happened around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, and three people witnessed him being shot as he was walking towards a house in Memphis.

Memphis shooting suspect arrested

Regarding the second shooting, which happened at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said they also found a man dead after he was shot multiple times in his car. A few minutes later, she was found injured in the leg. Following the incident, a video was posted on the social media platform where a suspect can be seen appearing on camera, pulling a gun out of his pocket talking and talking, and now shooting a person randomly who was sent to the hospital, her condition is very serious.

4 dead, 3 injured in shooting in Memphis

However, in another part of the video, a man approaches, he says go ahead, at this point he doesn’t pretend, he fires from the driver’s window, but police say 3 more shots are fired, and it’s like to people A warning was issued so they could go check on the suspect He also killed a woman and took her SUV Another woman was pronounced dead He was driving his car nearby and several people were hurt He was arrested Because he continues a high-speed discussion about live streamers wondering how long the video has been playing, but it has now been removed from the platform entirely of social media.

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