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A Woman Disappearing Behind Scarlett Johansson On Red Carpet Video Viral, What Happened? Explianed!

There are many videos online on the internet, many videos are trending on the internet due to the interesting or unique content they offer, many videos make it to trending pages due to the explicit content they contain, either way, videos on the internet never get old , as people watch the video and realize that the never-ending saga that they never watched it will never end, so old videos are showing up again on trending pages as well. One such video from the red carpet has gone viral on the internet, where actress Scarlett Johansson is seen speaking, but something suspicious is happening behind her.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

A Woman Disappears Behind Scarlett Johansson in Red Carpet Video

Scarlett’s old lady was seen resurfacing on the internet during an interview. Actress Scarlett Scarlett can be seen talking to an interviewer while in the background a walking woman disappears out of nowhere, and the video of her got a lot of views , and quickly shared. Even though the video is old and it’s clear from the quality of the video, it’s making its way back onto the internet because someone on the internet is on the red carpet for an interview and where Scarlett is Some magic happens on the red carpet to see answer questions.

What happened to Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet?

It’s not clear which red carpet event this video is from or who uploaded it online, but it’s safe to assume that the video was shot from a red carpet event because in the background and in the red carpet for sure Saw a lot of people. An anonymous Twitter user shared an old video of them online, which has since garnered a lot of views, and apparently the video was heavily shared, making it a trend on the internet again. Earlier, this video of her also went viral on the Internet, and this video also went viral earlier for the same reason. While many people have mixed feelings about the video, one user on Twitter shared a different angle on the story.

Woman Disappears Behind Scarlett Johansson in Red Carpet Video Explained

The video shows Scarlett answering an interviewer when a woman walks to her left and when she appears behind the actress, she walks from the actress’s left to the right and disappears. She didn’t appear on the other side where the others were standing. The video garnered millions of views. While there is another side to the story, a Twitter user shared a video from another angle, saying that the glitch could be due to the angle of the camera, as the woman walking behind the actress according to the video was shared by the user from another angle. While walking normally.

In the counter video, the woman walked normally and came out from the other side. Netizens who saw this video were stunned. After seeing the other party’s angle, they made many comments. One user on Twitter wrote that they had been manipulated into believing what others wanted them to see, while another added that there was a discrepancy in angles, possibly due to the camera angle. While another user suggested that it may have been done by editors to draw attention.

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