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Academy Match report: Aston Villa u18s 2-0 Manchester United u18s

Manchester United Under-18s kicked off their Premier League Cup journey this morning with their first group game against Aston Villa.

Sam Mather made his first attempt of the game, cutting in from the left to get past the full-backs, but couldn’t get enough shots after his shot and ended up making an easy save.

In the 13th minute, Ethan Whitley twisted in the box before opening a seemingly safe goal for Adam Berry, but a fine block from the Villa defender on the goal line kept the score open.

Ten minutes later Maxi Oyedele tested from distance, forcing James Wright to reach over the crossbar.

Aston Villa took advantage of a James Nolan error after the first 30 minutes. Their number 9 Rory Wilson forced a brilliant save from Tom Worcester but the Manchester United keeper could only pass the ball to Omari Kelliman, who slipped on the rebound.

Despite all the pressure from United, they failed to find a breakthrough and beat Villa 1-0 in the first half.

At the start of the second half, Berry’s superb cross came to Whitley, but the keeper rushed in, cut the angle and missed his shot.

Villa threatened Wilson with a long pass over the counter, forcing Wilson to turn Marcus Lawrence inside before slamming into the side netting.

Forward Kelliman turned and ran towards the defense and slid past Bryant Moore on the right, who cut from the left and slugged the ball in, but Worcester blocked the corner.

Minutes later, Moore tested United’s defense again, cutting in from the left and aiming for a shot from the bottom left corner, before Worcester turned away.

United continued to gasp in attack as Berry straddled Whitley down the left, before falling back to his right and hitting the goalkeeper in the throat.

Villa doubled the lead in the 75th minute with a cross from the left and Moore scored from close range.

Later, Victor Musa passed at the far post to Ethan Williams, who was centered on the goal line, but no one was there to complete the shot.

The match rocked with Villa in charge and Wilson thought he had scored the three points but was called off for offside.

The final whistle sounded and United started with a 2-0 cup defeat and could not complete their chances. Manchester United will host Newcastle United in their second group match next month.

Manchester United: Worcester, Lawrence (Parker 81), Kingdon, Al Joffrey, Nolan, McAllister (Moorehouse 69), Oyerdale, Williams, Berry (Musa 76), Mather, Wheatley

Unused submarines: Miles, Scanlon

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