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After 6 Months Of Death TikTok Star Cooper Noriega’s Cause Of Death Revealed, Check Out!

Cooper Noriega, a young influencer who died young, felt unnatural and untimely. The young influencer died at the age of 19, shocking his parents and his followers alike. Although it was mentioned earlier that the death of the young star was natural, the family of the young star Cooper later mentioned that their son died of unnatural reasons, and his death was not natural at all. While the young influencer’s case has also been delayed according to many reports, stay tuned as we cover every detail of Cooper’s case and the cause of his death.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

What happened to Cooper Noriega?

Cooper was a young influential man who died in his early teens. His death was kept mysterious to his family and his followers. One of the reports mentions Cooper’s sudden death, but no exact cause of his death has been mentioned by any of the sources. The influencer’s body was found in Burbank, California, where he was found dead in a parking lot, also unresponsive. Cooper’s body was found by police, and even a month later, no exact cause of death was mentioned.The young TikTok influencer died on the 9thday June 2022.

Cooper Noriega’s cause of death revealed

Cooper’s death was unnatural and shocking when he was found three weeks before his birthday. The young influencer was just 19 when he died, and his family released a statement six months after his death, in which they mentioned the death of their son. It was mentioned earlier that Cooper died unexpectedly, and it was mentioned in the same way in the report. The Los Angeles County medical examiner later mentioned that Cooper died from a combination of fentanyl, lorazepam (an anxiety drug) and alprazolam (also known as Xanax).

Cooper Noriega Cause of Death

Even though the influencer is happy and doesn’t show any ill effects of his online fame, he still faces a lot of criticism and is frustrated. It was mentioned before Cooper died that he was going to host a Discord server for people who wanted to learn about depression and anxiety, and he would be talking about it on Discord. Cooper shared a video before his death titled “Who Else Thinks They’ll Die Young,” which has garnered 3 million views so far. In this video of his, he makes references to death or facing death at a young age, which later became a reality when he passed away.

Cooper’s father, Harold Noriega, broke his silence on his Facebook a few months after his son’s death, posting that he lost his son, who was a valued member of their family and who Beloved child. Harold also mentioned that that time was one of the toughest of their lives. Cooper joined a feud before his death and asked his followers to do the same because he was talking about mental health issues in that stream. He mentioned in that article that he wanted people to have a normal conversation about mental health illness and how to keep negative people out of their lives.

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