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Aldi planning permission refused on ‘spaceship’ store in Surrey

apply for a Aldi The Thames Thames luxury store in Surrey was rejected by councilors for a variety of reasons, including the impact on immediate neighbors and local businesses. A statement from the off-price retailer’s real estate director said the company was “extremely disappointed” by the refusal. supermarket He also reserves the right to charge the council if the reasons for the refusal prove to be unreasonable, according to the statement.

The store was originally planned for the former Guy Salmon Jaguar showroom on Portsmouth Road, Deaton, Thames, but was defeated by a vote of 18 to 2, with 4 abstentions, at the planning committee meeting on the 16th august.

According to Surrey Live, Officials recommended approval of the application, which revised road widening plans and was described at the August meeting as a design for “no other store in the UK”.

Richard Khodabakhsh, property manager of Aldi, said in a statement: “Understandably, we are very disappointed that planning permission has been refused, especially as officials have recommended approval of the application, which is in line meets all policy requirements and in some places exceeds them.

He added that Aldi worked “in good faith” with the district council to apply for the store, which councilors likened to a UFO. Mr Khodabakhsh added: “We remain fully committed to investing in the region and believe an appeal will reverse the decision.”

Speaking at the August 16 meeting, MP Ananya Banerjee (Conservatives, Oatlands and Burwood Park) said: “It’s like an alien landing and aliens can’t because it has nothing to do with the local character.” The request received more than 650 letters of opposition and 245 letters of support sent to the borough council.

Reasons for the denial also included concerns about the increased foot traffic the store would bring and the loss of a cycle lane outside the store, which would be part of the Giggs Hill Green Reserve.

A spokesman for Elmbridge Borough Council said: ‘We have no further comment at this time.

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