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Alienoid Movie Review, Summary, Full Ending Explained, Star Cast, Trailer, Where To Watch & More!

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We all love watching movies in cinemas, OTT platforms and TV screens. It’s a great way to release stress from our lives and spend some quality time with family, friends and loved ones. So we usually watch movies excitedly and patiently wait to watch them on the screen and desperately seek information about them. Some people like to watch a movie the first day it is released, and some people like to watch a movie after reading movie reviews. But there are also people who watch the movie after understanding the explanation of the movie. When it comes to movies, the Korean film industry competes with other film industries. Follow our website Global gossip network Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

alien movie script

The main reason is the simplicity of the movie and the good storyline, people are eager to watch Alien right now and want to know the reviews and ratings of the movie. So, readers, if you want to know all the details of the movie, please read carefully so that you don’t miss any updates. The title is already clear, this is a science fiction film full of thrills and suspense. This is a 2022 sci-fi action film directed by Choi Dong-hoon with a charming all-star cast whose acting has captured the hearts of audiences.

Alien Movie Reviews and Ratings

The synopsis of the film says that after the fall of the Goryeo dynasty, the swordsmen who fought desperately to capture the legendary purity, holiness and the divine sword opened the door of the era. Overall, the film has an 83% review on Rotten Tomatoes, while IMDb only gives it a 6.6 out of 10 on Metacritic, giving it a rating of 54%, meaning that the film received mixed reactions from audiences and critics. Seeing that everyone has a different opinion about the movie, some people liked it a lot, but others didn’t like it much and thought it could be better.

Alien Movie Review: Star Cast

Ryu Jun Yeol as Mureuk
Kim Woo Bin as Guard
Kim Tae-ri as Ang Lee
Choi Yoo Ri as young Ang Lee
So Ji Sub played the role of Moon Do Seok

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