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Anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray disrupts PM’s final speech playing ‘Bye Bye Boris’ and Benny Hill

‘Stop Brexit’ campaigner Steve Bray attempted to drown out Boris Johnson’s farewell speech outside the 10 this morning by playing the ‘Goodbye Boris’ and Benny Hill themes.

As the outgoing Prime Minister begins his speech at 7.30am, Bye Bye Boris begins to play over the loudspeakers in Kings Charles Street, which runs parallel to Downing Street – a parody “goodbye to the four seasons ‘Baby’.

The song rewrites the chorus to “Bye bye Boris, Boris goodbye” and plays so loudly that it is picked up by the TV microphone.

The Benny Hill theme can be heard as Boris Johnson’s farewell draws to a close, thanking his staff, family and dog Dilyn.

Benny Hill is a 50s comedy known for its faces and slapstick humor.

Activists could also be heard shouting as he delivered his speech.

Boris Johnson (pictured) was greeted with applause outside Gate 10 as he opened his speech, saying: ‘Okay, here you go guys’

The activist

The activist

‘Stop Brexit’ campaigner Steve Bray (pictured) plays ‘Goodbye Boris’ and the Benny Hill theme during Boris Johnson’s farewell speech

Boris Johnson, who was greeted with applause outside Gate 10, opened his speech by saying: “Well, here you go guys.

“In a few hours, I will meet Her Majesty The Queen at Balmoral and the torch will finally pass to a new Conservative leader.

“The baton will be handed over in a surprise relay race – they changed the rules halfway through, but that’s okay.

“Through this dark door a new Prime Minister will soon meet an incredible group of civil servants,” he said, pointing to the front door of No 10.

The song can then be heard in the speech as he thanks the people who ‘made Brexit’ and ‘launched Europe’s fastest vaccine’.

At 8.10am Mr Bray tweeted that he and campaigners went to the Foreign Office to ‘blow up the arch’ after ‘police shut us down in Downing Street’.

They then fell on Downing Street as Mr Johnson left after the speech.

Mr Bray posted a video of a “vile copper” pulling cables from his amp, playing loud rock music.

In his speech, Mr Johnson added: ‘I will offer my warmest support to this government,’ he said. “We’ll get through this, we’ll be stronger on the other side… It’s time for all of us to support Liz Truss.”

Amid applause, Mr Johnson shook hands with part of the crowd – which included current and former cabinet ministers, as well as Jacob Rees-Mogg and one of his sons – before joining Carrie and their two children in a government car.

Mr Johnson was forced to provide his address in advance as bad weather was expected to affect his flight to see the Queen in Scotland.

He is due to meet the 96-year-old monarch at Balmoral in the Cairngorms at 11.20am – and royal aides are known to be strict about their timing.

Liz Truss will soon follow Mr Johnson into the royal residence and she will be officially asked to form a government as Prime Minister.

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