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AP Gurukul School Principal Anandha Basu Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube, Suspended!

A headteacher’s video made headlines these days after it was filmed by a student [email protected] video and post it online. The headteacher, who is accused of having a relationship with one of the staff and teachers and who also abused and assaulted others, was reportedly caught committing a disgraceful act in his cabin. Soon, the principal’s video went viral on social media and the matter has now been handed over to the state education department. The video was circulated on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, and the headteacher was also mocked. Stay tuned for details on this case as we report from the South.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

AP Gurukul School Principal Anandha Basu Viral Video

The headteacher reportedly abused and beat students and teachers at the school, and he also had a relationship with one of the staff. The story comes from a small school in Andhra Pradesh where a student filmed the headmaster’s brutal and shameful act and uploaded it online. Earlier, students also complained that the principal beat and abused students twice at the local police station, and now there is evidence online. Apparently, the principal’s face can be seen in the video having a private moment with one of the staff.

AP Gurukul School Principal Anandha Basu Video

The incident sparked so much outrage among local residents that a report said the headteacher was also fired. Speaking of the incident, which happened at the Urdu boarding school in Masulipattinam village, Krishan district, AP State, it bears the name of the principal, 48-year-old Anandha Basu. Basu, who was the school’s principal, had an affair with the school’s computer operator, so he spent time with her in the principal’s office. Another report stated that the principal had close contact with various teachers in the student dormitory.

AP Gurukul School principal Anandha Basu suspended

A report also alleges that the headteacher also had various illicit relationships with multiple staff members. Students who know what the principal does record videos and share them online. The video was filmed by a student through a hole in what looks like a classroom where Basu is sharing an intimate moment with one of his teachers. The students spread the video in the first place. After a while, the principal saw the students making videos and beat them up too. While the headmaster’s face was in the media, he was also hated online and locally.

The Machilipatnam police arrested the principal who was accused of abuse and battery and he is currently in police custody. District education authorities added that they have suspended the teacher and they will also take care of the principal shortly. He has also been suspended. Although they also added that, They will be questioning students, staff and locals as well as the principal about the situation and look forward to resolving the matter as soon as possible. At present, the local police are investigating the case.

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