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Are Ed Brown and Liz Woods Still Together? 90 Day Fiance Update

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” gives us a real insight into the lives of American citizens who are engaged to strangers. As the series chronicles the daily lives of each couple, we’ll see how differences in customs, habits, and lifestyles can prove challenging for a relationship. However, anything can be overcome with love and understanding, and it will be interesting to see how this couple tries to work through their issues in their own way.

The 90 Days spin-off series 90 Days: A Single Life describes how Ed Brown and Liz Woods met and started dating. However, their relationship was rather unstable and even faced considerable controversy. Still, now that the cameras are off, we decided to see if Ed and Liz are still together!

Ed and Liz’s 90 day fiancé visit

Ed first met Liz at the restaurant in San Diego where she was the manager. Although the two had been friends from the start, the “90 Day Fiancé” star still developed a romantic interest in the restaurant manager. After Ed’s close friends and his dating coach encourage him to approach Liz, he does and asks her out. Surprisingly, Liz returned the favor, and the two seemed to be having a great time on their first date. Interestingly, Ed and Liz’s romance started off with a bang, and right after three dates, Ed asked Liz to accompany him to the wedding. During the wedding, there was a lot of uproar and as soon as the two became intimate, they were officially announced as a couple.

Although Ed has a good relationship with Liz’s daughter, he worries that his daughter will accept his new girlfriend. Additionally, the “90 Day Fiancé” star seems very excited about the new relationship and has introduced Liz to several members of her family. Unfortunately, this backfired on Liz as Liz mentioned that she felt Ed was forcing her to attend the meeting. Additionally, there was an obvious communication gap between them, which led to their first breakup.

After the breakup, Ed goes to Las Vegas and finds several women around him. Also, while he finds life without Liz very difficult, Ed is determined to move on, he even dated Kaory for a while and even traveled to Mexico to meet her in person. However, no one could fill the void Liz left for Ed, and when Ed learned that Liz had brought flowers and condolences for the death of his dog Teddy, he contacted her and rekindled their romance.

Are Ed Brown and Liz Woods still together?

After Ed and Liz got back together, their relationship began to flourish, and the two were even spotted together in Santa Barbara, California in September 2021, where they seemed happy and comfortable in the company of the one another. Shortly after, in November of the same year, the couple became publicly engaged and, in the long run, they seemed to be involved. Ed and Liz seem happy with their decision to be together and look forward to a brighter future.

Well, we are happy to report that recent developments have confirmed that Ed and Liz are still together. The couple looked ecstatic in each other’s company and even shared adorable photos of themselves and their families on social media. In fact, in August 2022 postal On Instagram, Liz dedicates a romantic poem to her man, while Ed Call She, “My eternity”. It’s really heartwarming to see their relationship grow firsthand, and we hope the happiness never goes away in the near future.

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