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Are Sergio and Sara Still Together? Who Likes My Follower Update

“Who likes my followers?” by Netflix aka “¿A Quién Le Gusta Mi Follower?” is a Spanish dating series with a unique premise. The reality show follows three well-known social media personalities as they help find one of their followers looking for love. Followers are introduced to several potential partners, and participants must eliminate them one by one in order to find their love match. The task is far from simple, however, and the sheer number of hopefuls is sure to cause some interesting drama.

The first season of the Spanish series introduced several new people to viewers, but only a few have been happy since. Fortunately, Sergio Mengual and Sara are such a couple, and their trip ends well. Considering the recent release of the show’s first season, fans are curious to see how the couple are faring so far. Fortunately, we have the same answer!

Who Likes My Follower Journey by Sergio and Sara

Sergio was one of three followers who entered the show hoping to find a romantic partner and were mentored by the extraordinary Janet. Given his background as a psychology student, Sergio is known as “The Psychologist” or “El Psicologo”. Based on first impressions, Sergio had to pick 7 of his 12 mini dates in the contest and was very fond of one of the entrants who was chosen. It turns out that the honor he chose was the beautiful Sara. When host Luhan asked Sergio what he wanted to do with the person he loved very much, Sergio said he wanted to play a game and if Sarah said “yes” to any of his questions, she had to peck him.

However, Sergio tricks Sarah into asking if she understands the game, to which Sarah replies in the affirmative, ultimately costing her the game. Still, Sara refuses to honor her deal as she doesn’t think Sergio is worth it. During the next group date at the gym, Sergio takes Paula to the locker for a private chat, which upsets Sara and the other girls. Sara ends up interrupting their conversation, and after a while it’s just her and Sergio in the locker, even though Sara still hasn’t kissed him.

After finishing filming, Sergio finally fell in love with Sarah’s confidence and decided to have a little date with her in the dressing room. In the knockout round, Sergio loved Sara again. This coincides with Sergio’s attempt to shake off his old ways and embrace his so-called “boy-loving” side with the help of Janet. Sergio’s interaction with Paula has since increased, leaving Sarah confused as to where she fits in his circle. Things escalated when the show moved to Benidorm, Spain and saw the return of Angela, who was eliminated in the second episode of the first season.

When Sergio showed a good impression of Angela, Sara was again angry about what she meant to Sergio. When Janet asks Sergio who he wants to go on vacation with, he chooses Paula, much to Sara’s chagrin. However, when Sergio said he wanted to make a fake marriage proposal to Sara because he couldn’t be with her, she turned him down, saying she didn’t want to be with him.

During the final knockout, Sergio surprises her by choosing Sara as his last romantic date. The two had a great time together during the date, and Sara marveled at her growth on the show. When Sergio chose between Paula and Sara, he chose Sara because he had a better relationship with her. They are both very happy to be together and Paula wishes them the best. So, have the two stayed strong or been apart since they were on the show? Fortunately, we have the answer.

Are Sergio and Sara still together?

As of this writing, details of Sergio and Sara’s relationship have not been made public, likely due to the recently released Netflix series. The two follow each other on their respective social media platforms, suggesting the possibility of a friendly relationship between the two. This could give those who support the couple high hopes about the nature of their current relationship.

Currently, Sara is a model with an impressive following on Instagram and TikTok. She is also the content creator for OnlyFans, a site that offers exclusive content to those who pay her a subscription to the platform. Meanwhile, Sergio also works as a social media influencer, although his presence on TikTok is bigger than on Instagram. The reality TV star is affiliated with Streik Management, a company that aims to provide social media influencers with great branded deals. We wish them the best of luck in their lives and wish them much success in their future careers.

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