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Arsenal have ‘no excuses’ as £23m FFP fine confirmed

UEFA is sending a message that clubs cannot use the pandemic as an excuse for excessive financial loss – but Arsenal won’t care about their finances.

That’s the opinion of financial guru Kieran Maguire, dedicated to Football Insider About the latest round of FFP fines imposed by European football’s governing body.

This Guardian It was reported last Friday (September 2) that eight top clubs had been fined a total of £149million, of which £22.6million was to be paid in full.

The rest of the fine depends on the club’s future conduct, meaning the culprit can avoid paying the full amount.

Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan have all been fined by UEFA.

Meanwhile, Arsenal were placed on UEFA’s FFP watch list in August.

But Maguire explained the Gunners wouldn’t be too concerned about UEFA’s strength in FFP.

“What we’ve seen from UEFA is a glorified finger-shake,” He says Football Insider Adam Williams.

The fines may seem high at first, but when you dig deeper you will find that 90% of the fines have already been charged, as they are only paid if the club continues to misbehave.

As far as observers go, UEFA is trying to send a signal that you can’t use Covid-19 as an excuse to splurge on the amount spent and the amount not covered by revenue.

The clubs are aware that they are being watched and this is the current situation. Arsenal can feel relatively safe. We have seen this with summer spending.

If they progress well in Europe and the Premier League, they have nothing to worry about.

In other news, expert Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is “very lucky” after developer Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Finance guru tells Chelsea to blame Paris Saint-Germain in anti-cheating exposure

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