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ATCEMS sees 11% more calls on UT, Alabama gameday

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The University of Texas at Austin campus was packed this weekend for the big football game yesterday. These large groups also brought more calls to Austin Travis County EMS.

ATCEMS Captain Darren Noak said he received 465 calls yesterday alone.

“Compared to the last four Saturdays, the total number of calls through the system has increased by more than 11%,” Noak said.

He said it was the highest call volume they had seen since May 7 this year.

“You break it down and you average 20 calls per hour over a 24-hour period,” Noak said.

Dozens of those calls were directly related to UT’s game against Alabama.

“Our special events team and select on-site units responded to 32 gaming-related incidents in and around DKR Stadium. As expected, the vast majority were heat related,” Nook said.

One of the people standing in the Heat crowd was Brendan James.

He said he made sure to stay hydrated throughout the game and not risk a medical emergency.

“We are going to fetch water from the mountains. I think I have four. Especially if you’re a student who drinks beer during games, you need to add water from time to time,” James said.

It was James’ first UT game, but he said hopefully not the last.

With the season just getting started, Noak expects a busier weekend for ATCEMS.

“This heat in Texas is brutal. It’s also something we have to be aware of in the next games,” Knock said.

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