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Austin Kiddie Limits returns to Austin City Limits Music Festival after 3-year hiatus

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Kiddie Limits at Austin City Limits is back after a three-year hiatus.

This experience gives young fans the opportunity to explore the world of music. There is also a large adult darts stage. The same goes for kids who participate in the various Austin Kiddie Limits activities, according to the event description.

lifestyle kefir

Take your photos with a larger than life love your guts mural. Fill your stomach with probiotic snacks and enjoy Lifeway group yoga with family and friends in the summer sun.

jump for joy

Visit the Leap of Joy workshop to make a personalized beaded keychain. With colorful options, kids can design and decorate their beadwork creations – perfect for collecting future badges and holiday keepsakes.

hip hop party at home

This is a unique hip hop studio. This is a station where your kids can get personalized songs while learning how to rap, scratch, beatbox, DJ, and more.

Cafe Monet

Café Monet Art and Clay Studios plan to bring your family to the creative zone. Children can create their own AKL buttons to wear during celebrations.

born in austin

AustinBorn will provide parents with a safe, comfortable and fun place to relax in a family service tent and let the kids play. A warm private space for mothers to breastfeed or express their milk, a changing table and a comfortable floor space for babies to play. Parents can rest and chat with their peers while kids get creative at one of the fun activity stations.

drum area

Play in Rhythm Zoo and help Mike and his friends create fun and interactive music for all ages.

Flags fly in the air on day three of the first weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Hair salon

Prepare the rock stars for the festival. Whether it’s sequined, braided or spiked, this crew will help kids look like a pop star.

travel photo booth

The Traveling Photo Booth tent will help you show the world how much you love your ACL.

Katie’s tattoo

Get a temporary airbrush tattoo and show off your rocker side at Austin Kiddie Limits.

Circus picnic

The eccentric circus team from CIRCUS PICNIC will be there to entertain the crowd. This crew includes jugglers, stilt walkers, basketball players and bubble artists.

Kiddie Extreme Lounge

Relax in the “Kidzapalooza” lounge. Children can take a break from the noise and relax from all the activities while coloring the “Kidzapalooza” coloring pages or reading in the shade.

Alex’s lemonade stand

Visitors who buy lemonade at AKL will help fund childhood cancer research.

so popular

This tent will offer frozen meals made with all-natural and organic ingredients.

tag a child

At this stand, adults can register their children for the festival and get bracelets. It’s a way to unite children with their parents in case they get lost. Often this stand is also a meeting place for many children and adults when they are separated.


Austin Kiddie Limits will also feature performances from Joanie Leeds, Saul Paul (WK1), Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats, Q Brothers, Alphabet Rockers, 123 Andres, Elena Moon Park, School of Rock and Barton Hill Choir.

The experience is open to children 8 and under, and adults are free. It will be open from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday for the two weekends of the festival.

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