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Ava Louise Speak about Sheri Easterling’s relationship with Yung Gravy – Tassco

Ava Louise, the new wife of Addison Ray’s father, Monty Lopez, has criticized the concentration of public hatred against her. Well, Addison Rae’s dad and mom have been creating buzz for a long time to occupy their love life. And now Monty Lopez and Shirley Easterling have separated. It seems that their life after the separation elicits an additional consideration.

Read on to learn more about Ava Louise as she hates Monty Lopez for courting her.

Monty Lopez and his split from Shirley Easterling

Addison Rae’s recognition somehow puts her father and mother in the limelight. However, his mother and father did not gain media attention because of Addison. First, however, was Monty Lopez who came on the scene with his dishonesty about Sheri Easterling.

There have been media reports that Monty was noticed getting cozy with another woman. While one of the many girls even shared a photo of herself with someone who wanted to be like Monty Lopez, the two kissed on the spot. Article about the separation of Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez.


Douyin is a bikini 🙃

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The current love life of Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez

When Shirley posted about her split from Monty, she found love in the sauce. She shocked everyone by kissing the rapper on the pink carpet at the VMAs. Meanwhile, Monty Lopez has also moved on. Because he debuted on the OnlyFans platform.

Monty Lopez is currently courting Ava Louise, who is already a star on the OnlyFans platform. In fact, every Ava and Monty is keen to speak out on OnlyFans. Don’t ignore it, Monty and Ava posted a video on social media a while back where they each kissed at a basketball fundraising charity event.

Photo by Johnny Nunes/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Worldwide

Ava Louise slams all the hate accent on her

Apart from being a popular star on the OnlyFans platform, Ava Louise is also well-known on Instagram and TikTok. Because she has a lot of followers on social media platforms. However, it wasn’t too long ago that she shared her response to the Monty Lopez lawsuit.

She lashed out at everyone for hating her courting Monty Lopez. Much like in her latest film Tiktok, she criticized how people praised Yung Gravy courting Sheri Easterling. But I’ve always hated Ava Louise courting Monty Lopez. Of course, all of this alienated Addison Rae from her parents because she didn’t really like what was going on around her house.

@montyjlopez @yunggravy came to find your wife @notavalouiise #fake #rapper #singer #gottem #yourgirl♬ monty

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