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Bad Sisters Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

“Bad Sisters” continues the Garvey family plot with the infamous John Paul Williams in episode five, titled “An Eye for an Eye.” In this episode, Bibi leads the charge against John Paul and hatches another plan to kill her brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Becca is currently struggling with her feelings for Matthew. In the end, the sisters had another strike against John Paul, arguably the most terrifying yet. So viewers must be curious about Jean-Paul’s fate and the sisters’ motives. In that case, here’s everything you need to know about the finale of episode 5 of “Bad Sisters”! Spoilers ahead!

Bad Sisters episode 5 recap

The fifth episode is titled “An Eye for an Eye” and Thomas and Matthew arrive at Bibi’s house for questioning. They question Bibi about Jean-Paul’s death, but are interrupted by Bibi’s wife, who publicly states that Jean-Paul is a bad husband and should die. Also, Becca arrives home, making Matthew uncomfortable, and Cluffin leaves. At home, Thomas’ wife was worried about her husband’s health and told Matthew about the letter their father had left.

After reading the letter, Matthew got angry and confronted Thomas. The brother revealed that their father had planned his death and that he did not die from an accidental overdose. He’s a liar and he spends his clients’ money year after year. The couple’s father, who never submitted the client’s insurance, was cheating on them. As a result, his death left the Cluffin family in financial and legal difficulties. After an argument with Thomas, Matthew becomes frustrated and visits Becca.

In flashback, the sisters consider another plan to kill John Paul. Meanwhile, they try to avoid John Paul’s upcoming birthday party until Bibi sees a chance to kill him at the party. Grace takes dance lessons and hopes to have some private time. However, John Paul manipulated the incident to make Grace feel bad for her actions. On the other hand, John Paul, disguised as a kid named Oscar, secretly talks with his neighbor Roger. However, John Paul’s suspicions that Roger was a pedophile remain unproven. The Garvey sisters discovered a hole in John Paul’s skull, a weakness they could use to kill him at his paintball birthday party. However, Bibi has a new idea for the plan.

Finale of episode 5 of Bad Sisters: Why did Bibi kill John Paul?

The series slowly explores the Garvey sisters’ vendetta against brother-in-law John Paul. Early episodes revealed John Paul’s interference in Eva and Ursula’s private lives, his misdirection of Becca which led to her bankruptcy, and Grace’s abuse. These events shaped the sisters’ perception of Jean-Paul, and they eventually came together to kill him, hoping to save the sisters from their torture. However, the whole concept of killing Jean-Paul comes from Bibi. She was the first sister to promote the idea and recruited Eva to join the cause. Soon other sisters followed, and the Garveys plotted against John Paul. However, Bibi’s motives for killing John Paul and her apparent hatred for him are finally revealed in episode five.

In this episode, viewers see Bibi struggling to raise her son. She got angry after her son revealed he was teased at school for having only one Bibi. So, in order to cultivate, he killed Jean-Paul. Still, Bibi manages to pull control from her tragic past with John Paul. A flashback shows John Paul and Bibi having a car accident together, causing Bibi to lose one of his eyes. Consequently, she believes that Jean-Paul is responsible for her deformity and hates him.

The episode ends with the Garvey sisters reuniting for a paintball birthday party hosted by John Paul. Bibi plans to use the game as an opportunity to shoot through the hole in John Paul’s skull. So kill effectively without anyone suspecting the sisters. However, their plans were affected when John Paul decided to play a different game. Still, Bibi improvised and attempted to shoot John Paul. However, she accidentally shot an employee and injured his eye. As a result, the episode ends with Bibi’s failed plan and her quest for revenge, giving her an ironic moment of soul-searching as she must deal with the consequences of her actions.

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