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BB Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode 20th Jan 2023 Elimination: Shalin Expresses His Rage

Hello, Bigg Boss 16 lovers, we’re back with exclusive updates from your favorite and highly anticipated reality TV show, as Friday’s Episode (Shukarvaar Ka Vaar) January 20, 2023 brings the drama to high voltage with overwhelming activities. As host, Salman Khan comes to ask the contestants to correct the mistakes they made the previous week during the roasting days tasks and activity and that is the reason why almost everyone is waiting to have the episode because through the recent episode someone’s journey will be over too.

Big Boss 16

The episode starts where Shalin asks Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room because he wants to talk to him about some things that are eating him up inside, and so, he wants to share something. Later, Bigg Boss asks him to come to the confession room and asks him about the problem he is going through. Shalin is breaking down expressing his feelings and emotions as he was left alone in the house as everyone thinks they are right and he is the only one wrong like this, also losing the alliances as they are not ready to talk about things.

Elimination of BB Bigg Boss 16

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss makes it clear to him that everyone in the house has their perception and they like to follow that, so as far as he is concerned, he should have no problem with their behavior. Shalin asks Bigg Boss “if the room is soundproof”, he replies yes, then without further ado, he abuses hard while dismissing his frustration and also asks Bigg Boss to get him out as he is not able to survive in the show with such contestants who are not even ready to talk to him and therefore he does not want to stay in the house now.

In the previous episode, as the audience watched Bigg Boss announce the TTF (Ticket To Finale) task under which the contestants had to make a unanimous decision and they decided to take the name Shiv because he has a great contribution to the show then he deserves to be in the final. But Nimrit is offended as Shiv also takes Priyanka’s name as she expected her name to be taken by him but he canceled the whole game. So don’t miss to watch the show on Colors TV and for more details, stay tuned with us.

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