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BBN:”Your insolence will not go unpunished.”-Biggie tells Sheggz – Tassco

BBN: “Your arrogance will not go unpunished.” -Biggie tells Sheggz, #BBNquotYour #insolence #impunished.quotBiggie #tells #Sheggz Welcome to 50MIND BlogHere is our latest data and trend release for you as we communicate:

After a few minutes of work at the BBnaija residence on Friday night, Big Brother decided to deal with Sheggz for defying expectations of him as the tail of the house. Biggie promises to punish him for not following his assigned dress code due to the residence queue. Sheggz was asked to wear a clown costume this week. Unfortunately, he didn’t follow instructions, prompting Biggie to warn him after work on Friday night.

@Biggie partially admits” Clothing designs are gender neutral. Big Brother helps you customize your pants. Understand that your arrogance will not go unpunished. “

Biggie, on the other hand, is very useful to Allysyn and can be maintained with the loungewear tail. What kind of punishment do you think Biggie could receive for ignoring his orders from Sheggz? Please share your concepts.

Image credit: BBnaija Sheggz

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