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Monday, November 28, 2022

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Beautiful Weather Through Sunday | ABC6 – Brospar Daily News

Tonight, foggy. The time of the 50s.

Friday, early fog, otherwise sunny. Heat in the 70s. Parts of the region will likely experience heavy fog again on Friday evening. Upper fifties and lower sixties.

Tomorrow Sky Radio 2Beach Scene Prediction 2

Saturday, beginning of fog, otherwise sunny and warm. as low as the mid 80s. A few clouds Saturday evening. as low as the mid-1960s.

Sunday was sunny and warm. as low as the mid 80s. Cloudy Sunday evening. High-mid from the 60s.

The weather is perfect for beach plans for the next three days, but swim with caution. Hurricane Earl will pass through our eastern portion without a hitch, but choppy waves are expected through Sunday. Expect 4-8 foot waves and treacherous rapids. Please use with caution. Most, if not all, beaches will not have lifeguards on duty.

Tropical Tracker 3

A mix of sun and cloud on Monday. rather humid. as low as the mid 80s.

On Tuesday there is a chance of showers during the day and night. Showers are still expected on Wednesday. The high temperature was around 80 degrees both days. A cold night in the 60s.

Thursday the sun was shining. about 80°.

Drought update:

Rain conditions have indeed improved recently in at least parts of the region. Rain Tuesday at 8 a.m. (rain after 8 a.m. Tuesday is not reflected in the graph) is part of the new update. Providence County and North West Kent County saw the greatest improvements. Even parts of North Rhode Island went from “extreme” (red) to “severe” (brown).

Areas that still need rain? Coastal area, immediately adjacent to the southern area. Always “extreme” conditions.

Drought monitoring

ABC6 Chief Meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers

Email: [email protected]

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