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Bhopal Student Gaurav Dola Stabbed to Death in Indore’s Petrol Pump CCTV Footage Video

The unfortunate act known as the crime rate is spreading around the world these days and now It is also possible that these incidents have multiplied day by day to such an extent that hardly a day goes by that we do not learn that someone is dying. Similar incidents again made headlines in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) with the stabbing to death of engineering student Gaurav at a petrol pump in Vijay Nagar district on Friday evening September 9, 2022. Ci Below you can get everything you need to know along with some untold facts.

Image Source: News18 Hindi

According to exclusive reports or sources, the whole incident was recorded by surveillance cameras placed next to the gas pump, so based on the footage, the authorities are going further to detain the offenders who were primarily involved. in crime. Because until then they were still fugitives, but as the investigation heats up, everything comes to light. Even, countless people condemn the security of the area where the crime takes place and call for severe action.

Who is Gaurav Dora?

According to reports, “Ravinder Singh Gurjar”, head of the police station, identified the victim as Gourav Dola, 26, from Bhopal, who was studying engineering in Indore, an MP. But he did not know that his death awaited him, about to take the life of his body. It was his friend’s birthday and they wanted to celebrate with a lot of excitement, so he wanted to bring something, but unfortunately he ran out of gas, so he reached out to fill up the bike, but came from there spontaneously, A nasty spit on their vehicle turned around in a deadly altercation.

At the start, the defaulters pushed Gaurav and Mayank off their bikes, then told them to back off because they wanted to go first and didn’t want to wait for anything. But Gurav usually replies to them that they can’t stand it and stabs him that way. Fortunately, his friend Mayank took cover and tried to save Gourav, but unfortunately they brutally attacked him and fled the scene. He then took him to the nearest medical center, where doctors pronounced him dead and sent his remains to his family. So if anything happens we will keep you posted, stay tuned and follow Social Telecast.

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