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Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Winner Name Revealed, Prize Money, Runner-Up & More!

The final episode of Bigg Boss Marathi season 4 is over and its finale is rolling across the TV screens. Although it can be said that the final was a roller coaster for many people, the final did not disappoint the audience, because they were waiting for the final and the championship. Although arguably the winner is also highly appreciated. There were some prizes for the finalists and a gift from the sponsors for the winner of the show. The finals came to a close this weekend, with the finalists receiving championship trophies and a small cash prize. Stay tuned as we introduce the details of the Marathi Bigg Boss season 4 finale.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Bonuses

The winner of Bigg Boss season 4 in Marathi is none other than Akshay Kelkar who was outstanding during his performance and one of the strongest contestants. Along with the season 4 winner’s trophy, the winner also received Rs. 15,550,000 in prize money and gifts from sponsors. Sponsors also gave the winner a gold bracelet and a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh. He got an extra Rs 5 lakh when he was awarded the title of next captain of Bigg Boss season 4. All season, Akshay has been the strongest and most commendable player.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Finalists

Speaking of the finalists, then the show’s runner-up is Kiran Mane and the show’s runner-up is Apurva Nemlekar. Now, speaking of the other contestants of the show, Amruta Dhongade is the fourth contestant to be kicked off the final list, and before that was Rakhi Sawant, who took a Rs 9 lakh briefcase from the show and all The contestants performed well in the program and at the same time withstood the test of the program for more than three months. Now talking about the show finals, the month is over and the finals are on Sunday this weekend.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Winner Names Revealed

Now coming to the winner of the show, then it can be said that the winner of the show is well deserved as Akshay Kelkar is a strong contestant in the show. The actor has played various roles throughout his life and rose to fame with his brilliant performance in the TV series “Nima Den Dzongpa”. In Bigg Boss season 4 Marathi, he was also a strong player and has always played the role of a strong leader. Despite his strong character from the show’s inception, he’s been seen as an angry young man on the show due to his tough views and the season-long controversy he’s endured in the past three months.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Finale Highlights

The finale of the show was fantastic, with many celebrities performing as guests and entering the finale, and former contestants also performing on the show, and many others on the show. The finale of the show took place this weekend and Akshay emerged as the winner. Now Akshay is a formidable player as mentioned before, as show host, Mahesh Manjrejkar also admires Akshay often and also participates in debates with him. Though Mahesh has even said multiple times that Akshay has been a fair participant in the show.

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