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Blue Face And Chrisean Family Full Fight Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube Link!

Blue face and Chrisean rock were in the news again after a video of Chrisean’s father allegedly beating Blue face and knocking Chrisean’s father out was posted online. The video has been trending on social media and has attracted a lot of views. The video contains gore and features a fight between two of the most important men in Chrisean’s life. While Chrisean brought up the issue earlier, she made it clear that it wasn’t anyone’s fault and that the fight happened out of the blue. The couple is also now releasing a show based on their story. Stay tuned as we cover the details about this viral video.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Blueface and the Chrisean family full fight video

Blue Face and Chrisean Rock are always in the news for negative reasons. Earlier this famous couple was deeply in love and they were also famous. But over the past few months, the couple has received widespread negative attention for what they’ve been doing in public. While the public is arguably also interested, so far, controversy between the two has been on the rise. Earlier, the couple got into an argument in the street near the station, while their fight in public was recorded. They seemed to settle the dispute later, but things didn’t go so well between the families.

Blue Face and Chrisean Family Full Battle Viral Video

Chrisean was also arrested and interrogated for allegedly beating and swearing at Blue Face’s mother and sister, as that was not the limit. Blue face, on the other hand, got into an argument with Chrisean’s father and her brother, who knocked Chrisean down and taunted him cruelly. The couple has had their ups and downs in their relationship, but they are admired for their shared bond. The now widely circulated video shows the brutal fight between Chrisean’s father and Blue Face, which ends with Chrisean’s father seen bleeding from the nose.

Blueface and Chrisean family all-out battle

The fight, which took place earlier this year, was filmed by walkers on the road as they forcibly separated the pair. In the video, you can see that there is a fight between Dad and Blueface with chrisean, and the fight was initiated by chrisean’s father. Blueface seems to be lowered in the first half of the video, and in the second half of the video, he stands up in the middle of the video. The video ends with Chrisean’s dad punching him so hard his nose starts to bleed while people scream as they try to separate the two. Chrisean also addressed the incident on her social media.

Chrisean added during the altercation earlier this year that her father, who had beaten her mother and who appeared out of nowhere to try to take her away from her boyfriend, made no sense at all. The star later deleted the tweet, but she also said there were conflicts between the couple’s families. However, the good news now is that the couple is now premiering a show called Chrisean Rock and Blueface: Crazy in Love series, in which they will reveal their entire story. On the other hand, the series can also be watched for an additional fee on the Zeus network at 8pm EST without any subscription on the Zeus network on Sundays.

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