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Brandi Carlyle Re-imagined Version Of In Silent Days

September 2 UPI singer Brandi Carlile announced the release of her debut album on Friday. A new version of the album In the Silent Days will be released. The 41-year-old singer made the announcement after performing live on the Today Show.

Reimagine in silent days

“We’ve reinvented In Silent Days and are releasing a deluxe album called In the Canyon Haze. Lush, rich in harmony, Laurel Canyon reinvented our album,” Carlisle told the assembled crowd. To tell about. “It’s a pleasure to do it, and it’s a pleasure to have you. Although In the Silent Days only came out last year. The updated In the Canyon Haze album will be a complete acoustic overhaul,” Carlyle said.

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A way to add bonus tracks to albums

Carlisle said in a statement that the idea came to her when she was looking for ways to add additional tracks to the album. But then it was decided to make the whole album a bonus track by releasing a brand new version. The title of the new album refers to the “retro spirit” of the soundtrack and Laurel Canyon. A neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills known for its unique vibe and counter-cultural history. In the Canyon Haze is available for pre-order now and will be available on September 28.

Creative Ways to Ask to Buy an Album Twice

Carlisle said in a statement, “I knew I wanted to give my fans more than the usual ‘bonus tracks.’ It always seemed like a creative way to get fans to buy your album twice. Laurel in the Canyon The infamous musical scene. I could see the cast of California Dreamers swaying in the Polaroid mist, their backs embroidered with flowers and peace signs. I can smell the marijuana and the incense,” she said. The double LP vinyl version will be available in select record stores on November 25, followed by a wider release on December 2.

I cross the canyon from Lookout Mountain

I could hear the CSN reconciliation and Cass’ mom laughing as they walked through the canyon from Lookout Mountain. Familiar chord progressions, confessions and shared spirit give birth to this timeless song…a song we all wish we had written. According to Variety, In the Canyon Haze will follow the same orbital sequence as its predecessor. Except for the acoustic version of “Audity” by David Bowie which was not in the original.

Technically redesigned Carlyle series

The reimagined series will technically be Carlyle’s eighth studio album. Her first film of the same name, Brandi Carlyle, will be released in 2005. Since her debut, Carlyle has become one of the genre’s most popular singers. He has been nominated for 18 Grammy Awards. Won six awards. He has also been nominated for several other industry awards. And his 2018 album By the Way, I Forgive You peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200.

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