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Brexit Live: VDL slammed for ‘lukewarm” congratulations to Truss

Ursula von der Leyen slammed for her ‘lukewarm’ congratulatory message to Liz Truss

It was announced earlier on Monday that Ms Truss, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator, would be the next leader of the Conservative Party after beating rival Rishi Sunak.

In a tweet congratulating the new Prime Minister, the President of the European Commission said: Congrats @trussliz. The EU and the UK are partners. We face many challenges together, from climate change to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I look forward to a constructive relationship in full respect of our agreement.”

However, some criticized Ms von der Leyen’s tone, suggesting the tweet was a ‘threat’ to Ms Truss, who should follow Northern Ireland protocol.

Catherine Nicholson, France’s 24th EU affairs editor, said: “The message of congratulations from the President of the European Commission strikes me as lukewarm and ‘full of respect for our agreement’, which reads: ‘As long as you you stick to the Brexit deal.”

Twitter user @takeusout_lynda added: ‘It sounds less like a partnership to me than a threat to ‘our way or not’ but we’re used to it and why we’re voting out of EU asylum !”

Earlier this year, Leeds Strath announced plans to roll back parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which the EU says violates international law.

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