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Britain marks 9/11 anniversary as queen’s funeral preparations begin – Brospar Daily News

LONDON – Hidden in a small park in London is the city’s only monument to British residents killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

It is a small memorial surrounded by flowers and covered with a pergola, protecting grieving relatives from the sun when they come here to reflect.

However, the people who came here this year to commemorate the 67 Britons killed in the US terror attack marked the day in another moment of national mourning. Queen Elizabeth II dies.

“As a nation, we mourn in any form. The Queen is in mourning…but as a nation I think we have forgotten that,” Sue Bendall said., His best friend, Michele Beale, was killed that fateful day while attending a conference in lower Manhattan.

In the UK, 9/11 tends to be a rare day. This year is no exception.

Much of the country’s attention has focused on the Queen’s passing, whose upcoming funeral is expected to draw worldwide attention.

On the 21st anniversary of the terror attack, Bender said she felt both the loss of a friend and the loss her country is currently facing.

“And I’m not saying she’s overshadowed that day, but we’re not going to have much of an impact on 9/11 here, and that bothers me,” Bender said.

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