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Bus charges: Huge change to bus fares as new cap comes into force

The government has said the cap will be implemented from January to March next year. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps described the measure as a “direct aid” to users of UK public transport.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said the £60million scheme could save bus users more than £3 on a one-way ticket.

The government said the average fare for a three-mile journey was £2.80 and the new cap would mean a saving of 30%.

The DfT said the new cap would help “millions of people cover travel costs for work and essential travel”.

Mr Shapps added: ‘The bus is undoubtedly the most widely used form of public transport. Therefore, ensuring that almost all bus journeys do not exceed £2 will help passengers in winter and provide direct assistance to thousands of families across the country.

“This £60million increase means everyone can afford to go to work, school, the shops and the doctor.

“We know people will feel the pressure of rising costs this winter, so we’ve been working hard this summer to provide concrete, practical help to reduce overhead.”

The £2 cap in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire will come into effect from Sunday.

It comes after the DfT announced a £130m package for bus networks across the UK.

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“This [Government’s] A temporary reprieve of 90 days after years of skyrocketing ticket prices has not matched the scale of the crisis.

“Passengers facing a cost of living crisis need more than short-term half measures.”

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