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California Heat Wave Bakes Death Valley, Record Hottest September Day: Report


Forecasts indicate that several regions of California will set new temperature records in the coming days.

California’s Death Valley is on the brink of a dangerous heat wave after record rainfall a month ago, a report said in a statement. Weekly newspaper.

As one of the hottest places on earth and the driest place in North America, Death Valley is known as the land of extremes. The outlet further stated that the highest temperature recorded there in July 1913 was 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius), making it the hottest place on Earth.

according Yahoo News, The valley hit a high of 127 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday, a September high. The new records have led to widespread extreme weather events around the world.

“Wish it was cooler already. September was unbelievably warm,” Death Valley National Park spokeswoman Abby Winns told me. Reuters.

While the extreme heat phase will continue, the September record is unlikely to be broken until Monday or Tuesday, experts said.

On Friday, climatologist Daniel Swain shared an update on the heat wave on his Twitter account. He shared data on heat waves recorded so far, expected in the coming days of September.

Heat Wave Update: Still very hot inland today, but with a slight (and temporary) cooling closer to the coast. But make no mistake: the peak of this heat wave has not yet arrived, and it has been slightly delayed: Sunday-Tuesday is now scheduled. Temperatures are expected to hit record highs again in September,” Swain wrote while sharing the post.

Additionally, various regions of California are expected to set new temperature records in the coming days. Yahoo News.


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