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California Home Massacre Victims’ Name, 6 Shot Dead Including Mother & Baby At California Home!

We are here to inform you about the shocking events that are taking place, as officials have reportedly released some of the latest details about the shocking events that took place in the massacre. So if you don’t know the whole thing, you’re in the right place because we’re going to make sure to give you all the relevant information about this fatal shooting involving six people on January 17th that is said to be Tuesday.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

california family massacre

Readers have come to the right place, you will get the latest news about this fatal shooting, we learned about a teenage mother named Alissa Parraz, she was 16 years old at the time, and she was pregnant with her child. The 10-month-old infant son, Nycholas Verbin, was brutally murdered by assassination, and the victims included a 72-year-old woman and her sleeping grandmother.

Six killed, including mother, baby, in California home massacre

After the full investigative unit has learned the whole thing and there are some common names on the victims who were killed in this horrific crime, we know that crime is increasing day by day, but it is becoming one of the main factors which affects a lot People recently talk about victims so they are considered part of the family and talk about their names so they follow.

Names of victims of California family massacre

The victims are Roza, 72, Marcos, 19, 52, and Jennifer, 50. Speaking of the list of reported shooters, they were doing everything they could to get Paraz and Nicolas to escape before he was ready to shoot them down. Turning to this particular case, according to the investigation, it was related to drugs and gang activities.

This is a shocking incident that has gained a lot of attention lately, with a flood of comments across social media platforms about the negative impact and the increasing violence in our community, it is clear that the shooter is on the side of the mother of 16 , he then proceeded to shoot her in the head. The 10-month-old baby was affected by the attack.

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