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Call of the Night Episode 10 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the tenth episode of “Yofukashi no Uta” or “The Call of the Night”, Midori invites people to Maid Cafe Vamp as a waitress. Afterwards, she takes Nazuna and Kou to the cafe where they met Arisa. Unfortunately, they were shocked to find out that the client had captured and uploaded her private images to public platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Call of the Night’ Episode 10 ending. Spoilers ahead! ! !

The Night’s Call episode 10 recap

Midori stood on the sidewalk in a cute waitress dress, handing out Maid Cafe Vamp brochures to potential customers. Unfortunately, one of her co-workers texted her saying she couldn’t be at work that day. Therefore, Green had to find someone to replace him. It was then that she ran into Ming Gang and Kou.

Midori convinces Nazuna to work at the cafe that day as a substitute. Even though Nazuna hates waitress dresses, she agrees to help because she can earn a few bucks quickly. Meanwhile, Cole sits in a cafe where he is greeted by a waitress who calls herself Arisa. It turns out that before Midori started working at the cafe, she was the highest rated waitress. Arisa openly admitted that she was a little disgusted with Green.

Later that day, Nazuna, Kou, and Midori met in the staff room. Midori suggested that they all take a picture together so she could post it on the cafe’s social media pages. Nazuna didn’t understand why she did such a thing, but Midori explained that it helped the cafe get more customers and better reviews. Looking at the cafe’s public page, Midori noticed that someone had clicked on Arisa’s private photo and uploaded it to the platform.

Call of the Night episode 9 finale: Who is Arisa’s secret tracker? Kou caught it?

Kou, Lu, and Ming Gang were shocked to learn that customers were secretly taking pictures of Arisa on the cafe’s social media pages. They believe the culprit must be caught quickly before more such images are released on public platforms. However, despite being named the cafe’s most popular waitress, no one has actually tried to take a picture of her, which makes Midori a little pissed off. Kou immediately concluded that the secret lover was probably someone who particularly liked Arisa and had no interest in other waitresses.

While their conclusions seem plausible, the trio doesn’t have much evidence to make concrete claims. Therefore, Kou and Ming Gang decided to investigate the matter further. Arisa thanked him for his help when he learned of this. But as she has to change, she asks Kou to forgive her for a few minutes. Kou respectfully exited the staff room. But before he left, he realized that the stalker had probably clicked on Alisha’s picture from the staff room window, because there was no other place the angel could have taken such a Photo.

Kou Qi opened the window and found that it was connected to the balcony. So, after Kou ran away from the staff room, he noticed a locked door on the same balcony and realized that it could have been used by the stalker. Nazuna was there at the time, and she kind of agreed with his conclusion. Since Kou didn’t want to break the lock, they went to the alley next to the cafe, and Nazuna helped him up onto the balcony. Obviously, only vampires can access it, and the balcony door is the only way for the stalker to get through the window.

After opening the car window, Kou took photos of Naizuna from different angles on his cell phone, and his eyes lit up. He didn’t say anything to Nazuna or Midori other than claiming he could have settled the matter. Later that day after the shift, he and Midori hid in a locker while Nazuna was on the balcony. Arisa, unaware of this, came into the room and started changing. When she opened the window, Lu and Kou suddenly came out of the locker. Meanwhile, Nazuna takes Arisa’s phone and notices her using the timer to take pictures of herself.

As the four of them sat down to discuss things, Green unexpectedly comforted Arisa. She told Alyssa she understood her. Naturally feeling uncomfortable after consistently being ranked as the cafe’s second-best waitress, she decided to upload the photos to a public platform in order to gain attention. Lu reassured her that even though her actions made no sense, she understood the reason and there was nothing to be ashamed of. So, to sum it up, Arisa is not a stalker and takes pictures of herself in the cafe to get customers’ attention.

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