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Call of the Night Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the seventh episode of “Yofukashi no Uta” or “Call of the Night”, Nazuna decides to kiss Kou in front of other vampires while massaging one of his clients. Meanwhile, Kou is shocked to learn that a critical deadline could prevent him from becoming a vampire, or even put his life in danger. As he tries to come to terms with the troubles on his way, he meets his old friend Mahiru after a long time. Here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Call of the Night’ episode 8 ending. Spoilers ahead! ! !

Night’s Call Episode 8 Recap

After realizing why the other vampires wanted to kidnap him, Cole admitted that he planned to become a vampire. Her relationship with Nazuna is based on the understanding that she just wants to suck his blood and he wants to be like her at some point in the future. When the vampires argue that they don’t believe in Nazuna’s birth plan, Kou tells them that she even tells him to keep loving her. However, when Kou continued to assert that he was willing to wait to become a vampire, everyone fell silent.

It is then revealed to Kou that humans can become vampires within a year of his first blood draw. Kou was understandably shocked because Nazuna never told him about it. She apologizes for forgetting to give him key information as he stares at her. However, she gave her client a kiss for massaging her client in front of other vampires the other day, as if giving them a message. The next day, Kou Ye accidentally bumped into Sri while walking around town.

Although he initially avoided talking to her, he later told her about his efforts to fall in love with Nazuna. Seri listened carefully to her concerns and suggested they take her out on a date. When he first presented the idea to Nazuna, she immediately rejected it, but he managed to persuade her later. Unfortunately, the date did not go well and the two returned home in the middle of the night. But when Nazuna got hungry later, she picked him up from Kou’s house, and the two had a great time together. Meanwhile, Akira has a long conversation with his childhood friend Mahiru, who asks him about Kou’s absence.

Mahiru also mentioned that he will go on a date night with someone he met recently. The next night, Kou ran into him on the street, and the two friends finally had a long talk. Akira soon joins them and tells Mahiru about Nazuna, but does not mention the fact that she is a vampire. Mahiru didn’t seem to care, just asking if he liked spending time with her. Kou is happy to finally be reunited with him, as he was one of his first friends. Although he was a bit shy about opening up to Akira, Mahiru always put him at ease.

Finale of episode 8 of The Night’s Call: Who is Mahiru’s daughter? Does he also date vampires?

After receiving the message, Mahiru tells Akira and Kou that he has to leave as his friends are waiting for him. While Akira looked suspicious, Kou didn’t find it strange at all, probably because Mahiru has always been famous and understandably popular with girls. Akira then decides to go home and sleep too, while Kou starts looking for Nazuna. At the same time, Naizuna doesn’t know where Kou is. As she was looking for him, she saw Mahiru taking a girl in the opposite direction.

Although she is unaware of his friendship with Kou, she noticed him helping his girlfriend, and the couple seemed happy. A few minutes later, when she finally saw Kou, she reached out to Kou, and they too were walking down the street together as a couple. What Kou and Akira aren’t doing now is that their friends are also dating vampires. His girlfriend is Xing Jian Ju and he plans to become a vampire like Kou.

Although the show does not provide any information about Mahiru’s girlfriend, the light novel details Kiku’s unpredictable nature. She is one of the vampires with the most minions. Once she turns people into vampires, she has a habit of forgetting people. Mahiru is as madly in love with Kiku as many before him.

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