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Canadian TikTok Star, Tanya Pardazi, 21, dies in a deadly skydiving accident – tonews.xyz » tonews.xyz

Tanya Pardazi is a TikTok star and former Miss Canada semi-finalist. According to the analysis, she died in a tragic skydiving accident on August 27, 2022.

Former Canadian semi-finalist Tanya Pardazi expelled in skydiving accident

Social media and TikToker movie star Tanya Pardazi, 21, was killed in a fatal skydiving accident on August 27, 2022. According to the source, the incident happened while Pardazi was completing her first training solo at Skydive Toronto in Innisfail, Ontario. When she didn’t open her parachute in time, the dive went south. Pardazi was taken to hospital in a major accident but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Admittedly, the TikToker’s untimely death came as a huge shock here, with family and colleagues paying their respects. Melody Ozgoli, a close friend of Pardazi, said in a press announcement: “She is a friend in difficult times. No matter what, she builds common ground for all through extremely effective examples. She is a great inspiration to the world. The reward.” Another friend of a different kind, Kimia Sepanlou, commonly known as Parzadi, was “one of the bravest women” she had known.

The 21-year-old last posted on her TikTok channel (@philosatea) on August 22, 2022. After her death, many of her followers also left condolence messages constructed through her eventual TikTok strategy. Another close friend, Kimia Sepanlou, often calls Parzadi “one of the bravest women” she has ever known.

The Toronto Scarborough School cheerleader also paid tribute to the late Tiktok star, posting a photo of her having fun in Paris. The title of the message read: “As part of our staff and our hearts do not stop, Tanya Padazi is one of 1,000,000 teammates, and supporters mourn Padazi in strategic space. Here are some strategies: Authorities have launched an investigation into the tragic death of Pardazi.

Tanya Pardazi age, family, youth

Tanya Pardazi died 21 years before her. She has British nationality and belongs to white. His actual start date and zodiac signals are sometimes unconfirmed.

Tanya Pardazi has banned the media from releasing specific information about her family as no specific information is currently available.

Boyfriend of Tanya Pardazi, how is his relationship?

So, despite this, there is no data on the relationship of Tiktok star Tanya Pardazi. We’ll change you later if we find out any details about his relationship.

Tanya Pardazi’s job, what is her job?

Tanya Pardazi is a Canadian TikTok fashion designer, influencer and model. She currently has 95,000 followers and millions of likes on TikTok. The 21-year-old is also a philosophy student at Toronto College in Scarborough. Tanya is an integral part of the school’s cheerleading team, the UTSC Cheer. In 2017, Tanya entered the Miss Canada pageant and was one of many semi-finalists.

She is fascinated by psychology and has a passion for skydiving. Tanya posted her latest video on TikTok on August 22, 2022, where she talks about her uncontrollable urge to solve a riddle she’s been embroiled in for days. She also talked about how the video was suitable for skydiving in the first place. Tanya Pardazi should no longer be with us. She gave it all up in a tragic skydiving accident last Friday. This young girl has left her paradise.

What is the price of Tanya Pardazi Internet?

Tanya Pardazi’s internet price cannot be estimated at the time of writing as no details about her earnings are made public.

What school and college did she go to?

Tanya Pardazi is a philosophy student at Toronto College in Scarborough.

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Is it available on any social media platform?

Unfortunately, Tanya Pardazi doesn’t seem to be available on social media.

Tanya Pardazi’s peak body, her weight

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hair color
eye shadow
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physical choice
sexual orientation

Fascinating details about Tanya Pardazi need to be acknowledged

Country of Citizenship
Zodiac signs
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Relationship status

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