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Casemiro produces stellar performance in Brazil’s opening game against Serbia

Manchester United midfielder Casemiro was outstanding in his country’s World Cup opener against Serbia.

Brazil dominated from the first minute, Casemiro was the midfield commander.

Solid defensively, the 30-year-old intercepted just about everything he came across.

His tactical intelligence helps him spot dangers and position them well

He was calm and composed during buildups and facilitated a lot of offenses.

Casemiro’s passing is incredible. In the first half, he delivered a brilliant pass to Neymar in the penalty area, who couldn’t organize his feet and returned the ball.

In the second half of the second half, Casemiro came forward.

He almost scored but hit the post.

It was a near-perfect performance from Manchester United’s midfield commander.

These are all positive signs for Manchester United. The 30-year-old is at the height of his career and it doesn’t look like he’s going away any time soon.

Many doubted United would make a move for him this summer, but it’s safe to say he’s proven all doubters wrong.

Brazil are among the favorites to win the World Cup, so Casemiro’s playing time is likely to be long.

Erik ten Hag will hope he returns and fits into a crucial second half of United’s season.

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