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Celtic players rated in their comprehensive derby win vs Rangers

It should be a close game between the old company rivals as they play at Celtic Park this afternoon. However, the rim was honed from the start and a fearsome Rangers side showed no response to the hosts’ talent and skill on the pitch. Celtic won again by a wide margin, this time with a 4-0 victory over their Derby rivals.

Here’s what the Celtics scored in a 4-0 win over Rangers.

Joe Hart: 7.5

It was a comfortable outing for the Englishman except for a few late stops to keep the clean sheet intact.

Josep Djuranovic: 7.5

Excellent defensively and offensively. Played his part in Jota’s goal to make it 2-0 around the half-hour mark.

Cameron Cartweck: 8

With some serious clearances and crucial interceptions, his presence in the center of the baseline was well known. Lost a few duels, but his recovery and passing helped the Celtics create an offensive threat from deep.

Carl Stafelt: 7.5

Demonstrated aerial superiority against Antonio Colac. His game ended early for a foul, but was injured in the process. Moritz Jenz replaced him a few minutes before the hour mark.

Greg Taylor: 7.5

Although he failed to dribble and cross in limited overlapping runs, the combination with Jota and his defensive composure helped the Celtics maintain their advantage with less possession.

Callum McGregor: 8

Pull the strings from the center of the field with pure expertise. His passing was top-notch, and timely tackles and recoveries also kept the Gers from gaining momentum.

Matt O’Reilly: 8.5

A majestic performance from the midfield ace, he registered several assists and created a string of chances. Substituted for David Turnbull around the 72nd minute.

Lil Abada

Reo Hatate: 7

Although the Japanese midfielder made few mistakes, it wasn’t his absolute best performance. More could have been provided in the attacking transition. Make way for Aaron Mooy late in the game.

Lil Abada: 9

A hat-trick against Dundee United last weekend earned him a starting role in the top game. The Israeli teenager’s brace did not disappoint, this time showing off his excellent finishing ability. With around 20 minutes remaining, he was replaced by Maeda Daimae.

Philip Jota: 8

Lost many clashes, but his quick running, footwork and flashy skills in the attacking third were enough to threaten him. Found the net on O’Riley’s pass, doubled the lead and played his part in setting up the first goal.

Keigo Furubashi: NA

He was forced off the pitch due to a shoulder injury minutes after kick-off. Jogos Jakumakis replaced him on the pitch.

Celtics v Rangers

Georgia Kumakis: 6.5

There were several chances to get to the scoresheet, but his efforts lacked precision.

Moritz Janz: 7

Kudos to Carter-Vickers for defense in depth.

David Turnbull: 7.5

Finding the target of Jon McLaughlin’s roar is out of the question.

Aaron Mooy: 6.5

For the Australian veteran in the middle of the park, a few minutes would be enough.

Omae Maeda: 6.5

There is a brief appearance at the end of this one-sided encounter.

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