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Chemical Engineer Seals His Fate By Yelling His Employer’s Name During Racist Plane Rant [Video]

White privilege surfaced again when a white chemical engineer hurled racist and homophobic remarks at passengers and flight attendants on the plane.

the event occurs Tuesday Catch an upcoming night flightFrom Philadelphia to Dallas. Passenger Zachary Easterly No wasted time annoying everyone in its path, shouting and scolding everyone’s name. The flight crew quickly demanded Eastley get his bag and leave the plane, further irritating him. The man claimed to be a racist because he was a white man who opted for a black bag, before shouting ‘this is a better bag than most of you can afford’. He was thrilled when the waiter helped him find items in the bin above his head, as they were unfamiliar with the seemingly expensive brand of bags.

Eastley yelled that he was “a little drunk” but saw no reason to kick him off the plane. Then he turned to several passengers and shouted: “Fuck you.” When he finally found his carry-on he started walking down the aisle towards the exit and said everyone was on a “f****t liberal” and hoped the plane would crash . However, Eastleigh didn’t stop there. He kept shouting that he was a company employee. biotechnology company GlaxoSmithKline The name was even repeated when a passenger shouted. In the rant, he claimed he would quit, but the company wasted no time in beating him up.

“We conducted an immediate investigation and as of Thursday he is no longer employed by GSK. The individual’s comments are objectionable and do not reflect our corporate culture,” GSK said in a statement. TMZ.

It is unclear what caused Eastley to take off and if he is on the no-fly list. He has not spoken publicly about the incident.

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