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Chicago welcomes Texas migrants, then sends them to suburbs – Brospar Daily News

Burridge, Ill. (WGNTV) – Dozens of immigrants sent to Chicago by Texas Governor Greg Abbott have now been moved to a suburban hotel without notifying the local mayor.

“I’m afraid neither the village chief nor I was made aware of it,” Burr Ridge, Illinois Mayor Gary Grasso told WGN. “We want to know: Why Burr Ridge?

Days earlier, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lambasted Abbott for treating the migrants as “cargo” and failing to give her advance notice of their impending arrival.

“My frustration comes from the actions of the governor of Texas,” Lightfoot said on Sunday, at the time. Arrival of the first bus for 50 migrants“There may be some level of coordination and cooperation, but he chose not to do any of those things, but to try to send humans – no cargo, no cargo – across the country to a undetermined destination.”

On Wednesday, another 75 immigrants arrived in Chicago from Texas.

Democratic politicians including Lightfoot, Cook County Council Speaker Tony Prekwinkle and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker have pledged to welcome immigrants and provide a full range of services to meet their needs immediate.

Chicago is a sanctuary city, as is Cook County. Local officials passed laws to protect immigrants from deportation. However, the part of Burr Ridge where many immigrants live is actually in DuPage County.

Grasso said during his campaign for Congress that he would work to secure the border and “fund sanctuary cities.” Grasso noted, however, that his village council has not taken a position on shrine cities.

Grasso said he only learned of the migrants’ arrival in his village after residents began alerting village officials. He has since been invited to an online meeting with state officials.

At an event Thursday morning, Pritzker did not specify where the migrants were, but criticized Texas officials for treating them like cattle.

“What the governor of Texas is doing is disgusting and needs to stop,” Pritzker said. “The governor of Texas shouldn’t be taking these people, treating them like cattle, treating them like property, putting them on a bus and sending them wherever he wants. “

The governor’s spokesperson released the following statement:

The State is working with our partners and advocacy organizations in the City of Chicago and Cook County to welcome asylum seekers to the United States and provide them with stability as they work to build a new life in the ‘Illinois. The state has a previous relationship with hotels used in the suburbs and their staff have already done a fantastic job of hosting refugees and asylum seekers, so it is interesting that the local authorities chose this particular example to complain about to the media of this particular group of asylum seekers made up of approximately 30 families. Governor Pritzker has made it clear that Illinois welcomes the state, where xenophobia has no shelter.

Jordan Abu Dayah
Governor JB Pritzker’s Office Press Secretary

A spokesperson for Lightfoot did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Lightfoot previously said most of the migrants arriving here are from Venezuela. Authorities have not said when they will arrive in the United States.

Abbott has now sent immigrants to Chicago, New York and Washington, DC – all of which have Democratic mayors.

He suggested the policy would continue, saying in a previous statement that Chicago had become a drop-off location to respond to what he called President Joe Biden’s “open border policy burdening Texas border communities.” .

Lightfoot said the Chicago-area government and community groups have been preparing for weeks in case Abbott sends immigrants here.

she called “Racism and xenophobia” policy.

“He creates a crisis,” Lightfoot said last week. “If it continues, we will be ready.”

On Thursday evening, Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey released the following statement.

“No city can handle this alone, but Illinois is doing what we’ve done and helping those in need. The failure is with JB Pritzker and his friend Joe Biden, who created a Frontier Fight Crisis. Pritzker should ask Biden to secure the border while providing resources to care for these people, and if JB doesn’t, he should put them in one of his Hyatt hotels at his own expense.

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