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City council to discuss endorsing half-cent sales tax increase › scandleusa

Walnut Creek, Calif. (BCN) — On Tuesday, Walnut Creek City Council could formally approve Measure O, a November ballot measure that seeks to raise gross sales tax by 0.5 cents over 10 years, to fund “ current and future high rates the quality of life wants.

The board unanimously authorized placement of the O measure in the November 8 poll on July 19. Conversations about Walnut Creek’s future needs “have increased over the past two years as the city engages in discussions with residents about their priorities and activities, and assesses important issues related to the city’s offering,” said said a workers’ report to the convention on Tuesday Growing demand related to apps and businesses.

Many of the services required by these apps “are obsolete and approaching the peak of their useful life after regular use by tens of thousands of individuals and households,” the report said. Since March 2022, the city has conducted a collective listening program that includes stakeholder meetings, a mail survey of more than 30,000 Walnut Creek residents, and an online survey to better understand the needs and priorities at long term of the organization.

Measure O priorities will include “maintaining community and downtown police patrols, crime prevention applications, 911 emergency response, emergency/disaster preparedness, improving safety of pedestrians and the establishment of certain permanent brigadiers on the routes of the faculties”.

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It also handles roaming, retention of business and senior apps, artwork apps and extracurricular apps for kids and teens, and more library time and access to books/knowledge . It can help “small business and financial recovery, improving downtown and attracting new business, jobs and financial activity; investing in sustainability programs, parks and open spaces, and streams and watersheds.

The ballot measure will also transform the city’s aging Clark Swimming Center and Heather Farm Park neighborhood center and improve various aging metropolitan services. Walnut Creek City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday in Council Chambers, Metro Corridor, 1666 North Avenue, Walnut Creek.

The assembly can also be viewed at www.zoom.us (webinar ID: 862 6390 8304 / password: 752322).

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