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Conservative Group Asks IRS to Investigate the American Federation of Teachers – Brospar Daily News

by Ben Weldon

The conservative Landmark Legal Foundation (LLF) has asked the IRS to audit the nation’s second-largest teachers’ union for allegedly misreporting its political spending.

In a letter to the IRS, the Washington Examiner obtainthe group claimed that the American Federation of Teachers incorrectly asserted in its 2016-2019 Form 990 that it does not “represent or oppose candidates for public office in direct or indirect political campaigns.”

According to the LLF, the group checked the “no” box on the form for four years, indicating that it is not politically active.

“In its last four public tax filings, AFT has indicated that it does not use General Treasury revenues to fund political activities,” the LLF wrote to the IRS, according to the examiner. “The AFT also indicated that it had not transferred any funds to any political organization concerned.”

However, the AFT is a strong supporter of leftist political causes and candidates. The LLF pointed to specific events in 2020 where the union “mobilized the public to vote for identified candidates for public office.”

“If the AFT uses the contributions to finance political activities, [IRS] Applicable taxes and penalties should be assessed immediately,” the LLF wrote. “Furthermore, agency fee payers and members should not fund political activities that they do not support. “

The union told the examiner it admitted to political activity, but did so as part of due process, separate from what it must disclose on Form 990. .

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Ben is the editor of Just the News. He came to the business of Breitbart News and graduated from Washington and Lee University.
Photo “IRS Building” Matthew G. Bisanz.CC BY-SA 2.0.

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