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Crime news: Babysitter was drunk in charge of child in Bradford

Brandon Lund, 25, only remembered to visit the children when a neighbor reminded him, but even then he left the young man to try and support himself. When the child’s mother found the child covered in goo and biting her hand as if hungry, she called the police.

But yesterday’s court in Lund continued to brandish a knife at the woman’s father and threatened to kill him at his address in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Catherine Duffy, who sued at Bradford Crown Court, said: ‘He came out with a kitchen knife, described as a carving knife with an eight or nine inch blade. He ran towards the man and shouted “Come on”, you are a dead man, I will kill you. “He put it on his stomach about three times without touching it. The accused asked the neighbors to hide the knife in their garden, but when they refused, he walked away with it.

According to reports, a knife was later found in an alley and another was found in the house Yorkshire Live.

Lund was arrested and questioned the following day, but made no comment.

Lund admitted to neglecting children, fighting and owning an offensive weapon. He was also jailed with the intention of supplying cocaine and cannabis after working on a ‘drug line’ at a hotel in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, a court heard.

He was imprisoned for two years and five months.

Ms Duffy said Lund started dealing drugs in September 2020 while staying at a hotel. Its honorary judge, Mushtaq Khokhar, said, “Whoever operates this particular range of drugs at any given time asks others to go to various places where the drugs are provided to meet the customers.”

He said Lund was captured on CCTV on September 30 and when police were notified they arrested him and found him in possession of three cell phones and 66 packs of cocaine. The court heard that Lund failed to cooperate with police by refusing to provide police with the password to one of the phones. After being charged with negligence, assault and possession of an offensive weapon, he brought the drug charges to the attention of the court as they had not yet been dealt with.

The court heard that Lund had previous convictions for shoplifting, assault, threatening and resisting arrest.

Jayne Beckett’s defense said he was “looking forward” to putting these things together and said he was playing a “secondary role” in running the drug line. She said: “Obviously from the age of 14 he was homeless, sleeping on friends’ sofas, staying in hotels etc. By the time September 2020 rolled around he found himself in a shared room in Wakefield.In the hotel, there was nothing, no food, no family support – nothing.

Ms Beckett said Lund made friends at the hotel with people he thought were “in good spirits” and who were willing to feed him. She said: ‘But then they told him to follow their instructions to deal with drugs. When I asked him how he was living at the time, he said if anyone checked his room they would have nothing, no food, no real means, and his drinking was because he feels he has no chance of being the only one he has. The world is he who commands it.

After his involvement in drug-related offenses he traveled to Bradford, where he committed the next set of offences, the court heard. Ms Beckett said he had been able to ‘detox’ since Lund had been remanded in custody, but his initial taste in detention had been marred by self-isolation as he had not been released from his cell and had already been stabbed in police custody. “He got a job as a wing barber and pledged to get more involved in mental health services. He is determined to improve his life,” she said.

Judge Hohar sentenced Lund to two years and five months in prison. He must serve half his sentence before being released on license.

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