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Dads and daughters strengthen bonds at Dad Camp – Brospar Daily News

MCLEOD – If you’re looking for dad camp, look no further. Dads bring their daughters to the Gallatin National Forest not only for weekend fun, but to strengthen the bond between them and their kids.

Clydehurst Christian Ranch is busy with Dad Camp this weekend.

“The camp really suits us. It teaches us to be better dads,” said Dad Camp participant Todd Wilson.

Wilson has been at Camp Dad for four years. It’s her second year with her 8-year-old daughter, Emily.

“We went hiking, sat down and talked. We just hung out and spent a lot of time together,” Emily Wilson said.

That’s the goal of Camp Dad. It was founded in Indiana in 2006 and brought to Montana through Harvest Church in Billings.

“It is specifically designed to build stronger fathers because we believe that if we build stronger fathers, we will build stronger families and stronger communities,” said Alex Harvest Church Adult Ministry Pastor Alex Fard.

Dad Camp also hosts weekends for fathers and sons, and the program runs for five weeks throughout the summer.

“We give dads context through our weekend experience. We pour it on dads, and then dads pour this weekend on their daughters,” Fard said.

This weekend, 36 dads received resources and tools to get more involved and engage with their kids so they can spend time with their kids without the distractions of their phones or work.

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Alina Hout/MTN News

“We had an hour this afternoon and we were just one-on-one. I could ask him some good questions, and I think that just opened the door to communication,” said Camp Dad attendee Toby Hill.

Hill’s 7-year-old daughter, Hadley, would have no other choice.

“I love that we do fun things together and hang out together,” Hadley Hill said.

Dad and his daughter leave with tangible memories of the weekend. They make plaques with each other expressing the importance of their relationship.

“It reminds us of our time together, and it helps to remember that we’re number one,” Wilson said.

The work these dads put into summer camp, especially for their kids.

“He’s amazing,” said Emily Wilson.

If you want to know more about Dad’s Camp, please visit DADCAMP, Inc. – DADCAMP.

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