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DANA WHITE Hitting Wife Anne Video Went Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit, Full CCTV Footage!

We’re here to explain your video which caused a lot of controversy and you’re probably wondering what we’re talking about so we’re talking about Dana White and his wife Anne having a drunken nightclub fight in the new year Make sure you read this Article was the last to learn about the shocking incident when his wives had physical affairs with each other.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Dana White Slaps His Wife Anne Video

This particular situation took place on New Years Eve in a crowded place known as the Cabo San Lucas nightclub, we know that the UFC owner and Anne White have been living together, they have been married for over 26 years and they are both friends with them Enjoyed their Saturday night together, but things went the wrong way. And then all gear up for 2023.

What happened between Dana White and his wife Anne?

So when it comes to the two of them dancing together, they’re sitting in a group of people in the VIP area above the dance floor, and when Annie slaps him in the face, something really bad and unfortunate happens, and then they come in Slapping her bag tightly on her face, all her friends jumped into the argument and started pulling them apart.

Dana White hits wife Annie in viral video

At the same time, a statement about White followed, saying he was so embarrassed when all this happened, that he acted like this was never thought of, and that his fans asked him to resign. The videos went viral on our social media platforms, we can see his wife slapping the UFC owner in a nightclub, and a lot of people came up to comment.

Dana White is 53 years old this year and is also a well-known American businessman who has been the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. People are curious because they also want to know his net worth, so according to the date and information, his net worth is that he died in July 1969. Born on March 28 in Manchester, Connecticut, USA, he is estimated to be worth about $500 million.

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