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Department of Environmental Management advises against swimming at state beaches as Earl Approaches – Brospar Daily News

This is a file photo showing an empty lifeguard chair on the beach. (WLNE)

Narragansett, RI (WLNE) – The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has officially closed beaches in the state for the summer.

As Hurricane Earl approaches, the department is urging swimmers not to swim at state beaches due to lack of lifeguards and ongoing concerns.

Mike Healey, a spokesman for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, told ABC 6 News the department wants swimmers to be aware of the high waves created by the hurricane.

“We want you to know that if you’re an inexperienced swimmer or can’t swim, please don’t go in the water,” Healy said.

The department lost its workforce in the park as lifeguards returned to school for the fall.

“Once we have a large number of college and high school students in school, that’s our summer job, so we’re not focusing on the beaches right now.”

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