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DoRaha Part 1 Web Series Ullu App, All New Episodes, Star Cast, Review, Story, Plot & More!

The Ullu app features a variety of web series and there are already many series available on the app to watch or enjoy privately. While on the one hand there are many OTT platforms to enjoy as well, one of the things that can be seen on OTT app Ullu is that they offer viewers new series every week and it’s so cheap, so it’s easier to access established, cheap And also very convenient content. Doraha is also a new series coming soon on the app. Stay tuned as we introduce details about the series, as well as release dates, cast and storylines.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Where to Watch DoRaha Part 1 Web Series?

When it comes to Ullu app, since the app releases new content every week, viewers can access such content very easily and in this way, the app also gets multiple views. One of the more interesting things about this app is that people can also access its content by logging in for two or three days and paying a very small amount. Yes, this app has 2-3 days subscription and it is only for forty five rupees. So viewers who might not be interested in a long-term subscription can also opt for a short-term subscription on weekends and enjoy these series for a smaller monthly subscription.

DoRaha Part 1 Web Series Trailer

Now for the Doraha series, as the name suggests, the series revolves around the two paths of a newlywed couple facing problems in their married life. Now let’s say the trailer for the series has been released on YouTube, and it’s gotten a lot of views so far. On the other hand, there may be many scenes in this app that contain both erotic, adult and romantic scenes, so the series is recommended for 18+ viewers or only 18+ people. Though the series will be released on the Ulllu app next week.

DoRaha Part 1 Web Series Star Cast

Now talking about the cast of this series, the main character of this series is an actress named Ruks Khandagle who has experience playing various roles in various series. Now speaking of it, the actress Ruks has played roles in various dramas like Ishqiyapa, Same wali and is experienced in playing tons of roles. While the team revealed the lead character’s name, no sources have mentioned any more characters about the series’ cast.Now for the release date, this series will be released on the 27thday Monday, December 2022. And it was mentioned that this series is part 1 of the series.

Now for the storyline of the show, which revolves around a married woman who is cheated on and her husband abandons her on the first night of their wedding. A bride is shocked to learn her husband left her on the first night of their wedding because the bride had already had sex with a man on the first night. This man was none other than her brother-in-law, who had a physical relationship with her on the first night. Things change when her brother-in-law gets married and takes a wife, and the main character’s husband returns, while another actor confuses each other with their respective love angles.

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