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Energy bills soar at care homes near Manchester leaving staff despairing

Care home manager Craig Priestley said: ‘It is absolutely shocking. Our bills have doubled and it is becoming more and more worrying. We’ve been through covid and haven’t done too badly, but that’s one issue after another.

“I want to maintain a high standard of care, I don’t want to cut food or caregivers to pay energy bills. I can only hope the government is as supportive as it has been during the pandemic.

“We care about vulnerable people with dementia, we provide heating from 24 to 7, which is non-negotiable. I just don’t want to lower the quality, I don’t think it’s fair to increase the price.

Families across the country will get some leeway from the government, Manchester Evening News reported, but This will not benefit nursing homes.

Matthew Callaghan, who runs Bowfell House Care Home in Urmston, Greater Manchester, said he expected his energy bill to rise by more than 900% – a rise which he said was not financially viable for the establishment.

“We have been in a very lucky position where we have fixed rates until the end of September, but the outlook after that is dire. If we take the standard rate, we will see an increase of 2.5 pence to 25 pence, or nearly 1,000%,” Mr Callahan said.

“It’s not financially viable and we’re going to have to make tough decisions. It’s hard to know how to save more money than we are now. This is not a conversation I’m looking forward to.

“The staff are fine, but that’s another thing we have to think about. We like to think we offer a competitive salary, but the cost of living affects them too.

“We can get out of inflation, but the cost of gas and electricity is very high. We have no choice but to wait and see what the government can do to help. Currently we are in a dark place with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Care England, which represents adult social care providers in England, has called on the government to introduce a support scheme as it warns of a mass exodus from the social care sector.

Professor Martin Green OBE said: “The adult social care sector is the most affected by this storm, with energy costs for care providers rising by more than 600% without government support.

“Unlike other businesses, care providers cannot shorten hours, turn off lights or turn off heating or air conditioning, they provide accommodation and care for some of the most vulnerable in society, and we have seen 45% of providers are considering exiting the market due to in response to the current financial unsustainability of the industry.

Another care home supplier who asked and did not name them said that although they were still on fixed energy tariffs, soaring supply costs meant they were struggling to pay staff what they were entitled to.

“It’s awful,” he said.

“Our rates are fixed for the next few years, so in that sense we are lucky. We just want the best possible result before our rates change.

“We can’t go on like this. Our everything is increasing but the government will not increase our prices. All of our supplies are increasing. Changing mats alone cost us around £500 a month.

“It’s tough. We want to increase the salaries of our employees, but we can’t do it. We just have to see how it goes.

This week, Liz Truss really shed some light Will continue to support the most vulnerable industriesand review after three months to determine where assistance should be directed.

A government spokesman said: “We understand that people are struggling with rising prices and although we cannot protect everyone from global challenges, we will continue to support businesses, including homes of retirement in the coming months. navigate.

“The Local Government Tax Settlement has provided local authorities with £3.7bn of additional funding this year, with over £1bn earmarked for adult social care. Small businesses already benefit from reduced VAT rates on energy.

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