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Eric Bailly reveals personal connection that helped seal Olympique de Marseille move

Manchester United’s Eric Bailly has revealed the personal bond that helped him during his recent loan spell at Olympique de Marseille.

The Ivory Coast international was offered the chance to move to France for a year before the end of August as his ranking under No.10 Eric Haig was evident.

Speaking of moving, Bailey revealed to The 10 Sports He was impressed by what Marseille President Pablo Longoria knew about him.

“When he called me he told me about my time at Villarreal and everything I was doing there,” the defender said.

“He told me secrets that I didn’t expect. I said to myself: I don’t know him, but how does he know all this?

“Then he explained that he and my former coach Marcelino were close friends. The conversation was smooth and easy. It made me want to come even more.”

That’s not the only thing Bailly has revealed since his loan move earlier this week, calling out United’s bias against British players under the former management.

Unable to win the trust of Solskjaer or Ralf Rangnick, he is often overlooked, not only by England players but also by Victor Lindelof and Rafael Varane.

Dissatisfied with his playing time at United, he said: “I don’t want to play once in a while. I want to do it every week and it seems important. I want to regain my confidence. »

Bailey’s grievances have also been overflow on social networks When he commented on a post asking him to play.

But his time in France may not have started as he expected, with just two starts in five games since his move.

With himself seemingly ranked higher than his manager, the centre-back will need to overcome Igor Tudor before he can get the consistent playing time he demands.

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