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FairFuel chief warns ‘we’re already in worst case scenario’ as Brits brace for dire winter

The movement’s founder believes the UK is highly dependent on diesel motor Because it is the engine of the economy. Mr Cox says small business owners in the merchant sector will be hit hard as they may not be able to afford fuel prices to travel to find potential customers. FairFuel finder is one of many campaigners calling on the UK government to tackle the fuel problem. economybefore the arrival of winter cost of living crisis push more people into poverty.

Mr Cox told Express.com: “We almost had the worst case scenario when our average diesel price was close to £2 a litre.

“And the impact…because the whole economy is diesel-powered, it’s the commercial engine of the economy, and in terms of delivery, we have an internet economy.

“We have a… it’s all about transportation and logistics, and at worst we’re going to see a lot of businesses go bankrupt and a lot of small businesses can’t afford it…

“Especially electricians, plumbers and decorators, who can’t even get offers from potential customers because they can’t afford a car.

at: “Keep your word! Liz Truss’ energy price cap proposal doesn’t ‘get to the root of the problem’

Mr Cox added: “They have to make decisions now, business decisions are just about keeping things viable.

“The government needs to wake up and absolutely admit it has the ability to cut fuel tax by 25p now and see our inflation come down.

“Businesses are likely to generate more revenue to donate to government as they become viable again.”

FairFuel’s founders aren’t the only warning signs of small business bankruptcies this winter.

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“We are seeing a toxic mix of hyperinflation, high taxes, skyrocketing energy costs and declining economic growth,” said Martin McTagg, national president of the Federation of Small Businesses.

“As consumer price inflation tops double digits, producer input prices have more than tripled, which will seep in and drive up the cost of living even further.”

“The cost of living crisis cannot be solved without a solution to the cost of doing business crisis – which is why we need to see a reversal of National Insurance hikes, VAT cuts and business tax cuts. fuels and help for struggling small businesses with benefits provided to households.

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