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FairFuel UK boss warns Britons to take action now and insulate their homes before winter

Mr Cox said the UK government could talk to oil companies and suppliers in the Middle East to cut costs in the UK. A FairFuel campaigner explains Oil Companies are sitting on billions of dollars for the next two or three years due to soaring prices, saying they don’t need that much money. Britons have called on the government to implement practical plans in just weeks to tackle the problem before winter hits. Liz Truss unveiled a new veil vitality Prices are capped, but many are still unable to pay £2,500 from October and are asking for more support. Ms Truss also lifted the ban on fracking despite opposition from many environmental activists.

Mr Cox told Express.co.uk: “When it comes to electricity and gas, make sure your home is well insulated.

“Trying to insist that one or two rooms be heated or lit, etc., all that…it’s common sense.

“But I’m going back, but it’s not because of consumers, we’re under a lot of pressure at the moment to try to reduce our fuel and energy consumption.

“But the government can actually solve this problem, it can actually talk to the oil companies, it can talk to the suppliers in the Middle East and say they’re going to lower the price of fuel? Because for the next two or three years, you’re going to be sitting on the trillions of dollars pouring into your business.

“You don’t need that much money, what you need to do is help consumers so that we have a viable long-term future.”

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Many Britons are worried and anxious about not being able to heat their homes this winter due to high costs.

The cost of living crisis has pushed some of Britain’s most vulnerable people into poverty.

For months, the government has been summoned to act quickly.

New Prime Minister Liz Strath has pledged to fix the problem.

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“The energy assistance program can help reduce the cost of running an electric transport fleet and keep the lights on, but it won’t help fuel costs, rising wages and labor shortages. in distribution and supply chains in the UK. Brexit and Covid. Retail is squeezed from all sides.

“Balancing the books of a cost- and service-oriented sector is an impossible task without a broader government support package. Poor choice and customer service will erode hard-earned loyalty. Rising costs, layoffs, absorbing so many things before finally closing. Businesses need fuel tax breaks and help get young people working across the country. How will businesses handle peak season?

“Now is the time for trade supply and logistics chains to reach their best. To secure a competitive advantage, UK businesses need to look at where every penny is being spent so they can quickly determine profitability.

“Yes, tough decisions have to be made, but successful brands will pull through.”

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