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Female Biker Smashes Into Lamborghini in Hong Kong Check Motorcyclist Accident Dash Cam Video Clip

On Sunday, September 4, 2022, there was another rather disturbing news on Shek O Road, Hong Kong, that a motorcyclist was seriously injured after colliding with a Lamborghini. Yes you heard right the 26 year old rider was very angry and was riding a great distance so her bike was going extremely fast and then lost control as she couldn’t rest unfortunately hit a lot of white luxury car. The entire incident was recorded by surveillance cameras placed next to the crash scene, and you can explore everything you need to know below.

According to exclusive reports or sources, the incident happened at around 8am on Sunday September 4, when the motorcyclist was traveling on Shek O Road, tried to merge into the opposite lane and collided with a car. Footage from the incident speaks of how serious the accident was and how serious or tragic it was. So, at first, she was taken to the nearest medical center to be treated by the medical personnel who tried to wish her good health and recovery.

It is reported that the authorities found an L plate near the motorcycle, which indicates that the driver should have a learner’s permit, but she still converted the long distance into travel mode. Once the news circulated on social media, countless people started reacting to the issue. Because it doesn’t fit well enough, they recommend riders control their speed, whether they’re a pro or a beginner. Because once it gets out of control no one can control it and becomes helpless when it gets harmful.

Currently, the rider is suffering from life-threatening health issues for the injured person as her head is badly affected as many internal injuries have occurred. As such, she was recently referred to Youde Nethersole Hospital in Chai Wan East. Instead, the Lamborghini owner suffered only minor injuries in the car, so only a few parts of his body were affected. So here we have mentioned those details from other great sources and if anything comes out we will definitely let you know so stay tuned to us.

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