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Fields of flowers and paddington bears for beloved Queen Elizabeth II

Mourners lay flowers for the Queen (Image: Getty)

The queue winds its way through leafy parks, shopping malls and St James’s Park, with people hoping to reach the gates of Buckingham Palace and be part of history. The family were delighted when they saw King Charles III arrive at Buckingham Palace at lunchtime yesterday, ahead of a meeting with representatives of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Onlookers chanted ‘God bless the King’ as the royal carriage passed, and about 30 minutes later a second carriage arrived with an equally delighted Queen Camilla.

The families told the Daily Express they wanted to enjoy the historic moment together, with many describing how they felt they ‘owed’ to Her Majesty The Queen after 70 years of selfless service and sacrifice for their country.

Parents said they wanted their children to witness such an important moment in the nation’s history, with large numbers of youngsters in attendance yesterday.

Some were in tears as they watched dozens of Paddingtons pay their respects to the Queen, except for bouquets of flowers, soft toys, written tributes, candles and cards left near Buckingham Palace.

When he was seen having afternoon tea with Her Majesty, the Paddington teddy bear, teapot and jam sandwich were left to commemorate the character’s role in the Jubilee of the Queen. Many sandwiches have the words “later” or “on the go”.

Many tourists said they thought seeing the country come together meant everything to the late Queen.

Dozens of Paddington Bears pay tribute to Queen

Dozens of Paddington Bears pay tribute to Queen (Image: Getty)

At 10 a.m. the main road from Green Park tube station was packed with families heading to Buckingham Palace – many with young children.

In St James’s Park and Green Park, people wander the parks for hours. Many trees in both parks are overrun with flowers, with bouquets surrounding fountains a stone’s throw from the palace.

Park Royal has asked people to only leave organic or compostable materials.

Each car driving in and out of the palace sparked another excitement, with everyone craning their necks to catch a glimpse of King Charles.

Everyone is eager to get a glimpse of the story, hold their camera up and capture their own take on the story.

Crowds lined the length of the mall – including children sitting on their parents’ shoulders – cheered and greeted the king as he rode through the palace gates, accompanied by four cars and four police motorbikes. convoy.

Kieran and Sarah Feethan left Stevenage, Hertfordshire, with their two children, Leo, 8, and Bruce, 5, at 7am yesterday.

Little Leo sat on his father’s shoulders, waving the Union Jack as he watched Buckingham Palace.

Kieran, 38, told the Daily Express outside Buckingham Palace: ‘This is history, made for children and the world.

“As a family, we wanted to pay tribute to him. Not particularly dark. It was a mixture of sadness and celebration. We all got together. She meant everything to us. It is a special ability of the queen.

“It means the whole world to her, the whole country is here. Yesterday William and Harry were together. She always wanted everyone to be together.

“We’ll be coming down for the funeral.”

The couple urged other parents to bring their children “to experience it”.

Kieran added: “We got here at 9am. We went to see the flowers and came back.

“We want to meet the king and absorb it all. People we’ve never met, just chatting.

“It was an amazing day. Everyone is here for the same reason.

Park Royal asks people to only leave organic or compostable materials

Park Royal asks people to only leave organic or compostable materials (Image: Getty)

Wife Sarah added: “We felt we had to honor him.”

Justin Moon, 39, from Watford, told her she and husband Richard, son Bobby, 10, and daughter Demi, 2, spent three hours queuing at the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Justin told the Daily Express: “We wanted to be part of it. We felt we were indebted to her. I thought she was amazing. She gave everything to the country. She was the grandma of this country.

“Without her, there would be a great sense of loss. This is the story of our children. It’s amazing to be part of it. »

“I wanted to go to the funeral and meet the Queen. I didn’t expect to be very busy today.

“That’s our point of view. People are realizing how much she’s done and how much she’s given up.

Friends Claire Graham, 39, Vicky Lee, 55, and Gill Coyne, 44, set off from South Shields on Sunday morning after booking train tickets on Thursday evening.

Vicky told the Daily Express: “We wanted to show our respect. I have always been a royalist. I also have a Princess Diana album.

“The numbers here show respect and admiration for the Queen.

Claire added, “It’s amazing, the number of flowers, the number of children, all the generations.”

Gill said: “It’s historic. There will never be someone like her. That’s all we know.

“Think about it, I’m here to be king after king, never another queen.”

Antonella Rizzo, 50, said meeting King Charles was “very surreal”, adding: “We will never forget”.

Ms Rizzo, 50, joined her husband Rosario, 52, son Vito, 25, and daughter Marisa, 22, from their Worcestershire home at Buckingham Palace to witness this special moment: ‘We are reflecting for express Our tribute is well done.

It is a surreal and emotional experience. It is something we will never forget.

“It’s just that everyone is together. Everyone wants to come. Not sure if you will come back here.

“I don’t think we’ll see another queen for a long time.”

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